Milking does a body good…

October 24, 2011

What a weekend! We went away on Saturday and came home last night. Since we knew we would be taking part in activities that weren’t quite device friendly, Belle took it off. It is actually still off. Honor system is in effect so no worries there. It feels wierd not wearing the cage. For the first day or so, I felt like I had no penis. I have gotten used to it weighing quite a bit more and without the Jailbird on, it just feels gone. Until I get hard that is. It is an amazing feeling to be able to get a full erection. Something easily taken for granted.

We were a little naughty on Saturday night. Belle kept teasing me when I was trying to brush my teeth. Damn near brought me to my knees.

We were sharing a hotel room but that didn’t stop us. As soon as the others were asleep, I was begging. Belle agreed to stroke me for a couple minutes. It was absolutely amazing! I wanted to fuck her so bad! The closest I got was her allowing me to finger her. In the end, I was licking her pussy while my fingers took care of her g-spot. I was so worked up that I didn’t realize she came. That means time to sleep.

Last night when we went to bed, she stroked me again. Before she finished, she started sucking me. Suddenly she dug her nails into my leg. That sent me through the roof! Then she went for my balls. I hadn’t been in the mood for pain but I sure got there in a hurry. The mixture of pleasure and pain was exquisite! Then came her teeth. The louder I moaned, the harder she clamped down on my swollen cock.

The whole thing lasted only a minute. That was all I needed. I wanted release so bad. I asked for a ruined orgasm and was denied. Instead she told me she would do a little research and milk my prostate tonight.

That is all I have thought about all day. I’m totally craving a night of stoic, matter-of-fact semen release. Latex gloves, release, collection, consumption.

The best thing about the weekend however was the affection. Little kisses, getting to hold her hand, knowing looks…things that we haven’t had in a while. It was very nice to have them back.

I am dreading going back in the cage a bit. I’m not quite sure why. I asked Belle if maybe I could just stay out for a while. Her response was that she had a key incase she needed my cock. That was a very good answer. This is what I signed up for.


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