Milking didn’t do my body good…

October 29, 2011

I really haven’t felt like blogging this week. Been busy and not much to say. I guess I can pick up where I left off…

The milking didn’t go well. Parts of it felt good, parts of it hurt. I think it was a case of not being in the right mood and not having enough warm up. I’m sure we will get better at it. It will just take practice.

I did get a ruined orgasm. It wasn’t the kind that saps all of the desire out of me, but it wasn’t the kind that that leaves me crazy frustrated either. Kind of in between. Glad she didn’t make me swallow. There was a lot and it looked old.

Been locked up since. I’m somewhere around 40 days. Kind of lost count. I have a counter on my phone but I don’t feel like looking right now.

Belle is starting her period soon. Not that it really affects things. She is usually really sensitive in the beginnig and really horny towards the end. That isn’t always how things go though so nothing can be counted on.

She has been fondling me at night though which is awesome! We haven’t had any serious play but in this state, you take anything you can get!

I tried going down on her last night but she was too sensitive.

She is reading SM101 for a review. So far she is finding it pretty boring but I hope it picks up and she learns some fun things.

She wants a new key necklace. Maybe for Christmas. It is nice to know that she wants to quietly be able to flaunt her power and she isn’t taking it for granted.


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