Livin’ on the Edge

November 4, 2011

What a night! Without a doubt the closest to orgasm I’ve ever been without ejaculating. I could have willed myself to explode at any time but I didn’t dare.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Lets back up to yesterday evening. I was really horny. I wanted inside my wife very badly. I was sure that wasn’t going to happen so I decided to shoot for the next best thing. Denial.

As we were watching TV I asked Belle if I could fuck her that night. I wanted to relish in the denial of what I craved. I wanted my cock to ache for it.


Huh? I was shocked. I never thought that would be the response. There was a very small part of me that was disappointed that I wasn’t denied but a much bigger part of me (figuratively speaking) that wanted to go to bed right that minute!

I am on the early shift so I went to bed before Belle and the girls. I woke up to keys jingling in my ear. I unlocked myself and Belle laid down. She gave my cock a couple of rough tugs. I was immediately rock hard.

I entered absolute heaven. Slow and steady, I took my wife. I had not had such sensation in a long time. God it was good. I can’t say that enough.

Prior to chastity, Belle usually came after I had ejaculated. Even if she had an orgasm previously, me filling her usually got her very worked up and a little grinding against my semi-hard cock would bring her off again. This orgasm was similar.

I remained still and she grinded against me with my cock still inside her. Right as she was about to cum she told me to fuck her. I did! I can’t believe I was able to control my orgasm. I was so close!

I asked if I could try a ruined orgasm inside of her. This time I was prepared for an affirmative answer and was wrong again. I thanked her for denying me and started the difficult process of putting my cage back on. I had to wait a bit because I was afraid any stimulation would take me over the edge.

It was so intense! Being that close and then getting locked back up. I actually felt pride in pleasing my wonderful keyholder while showing restraint when it came to my pleasure. Incredibly frustrated and blissfully satisfied all at once!

We chatted a bit afterwards before I fell back asleep. The topic of our conversation will be my next two posts.

Until then…


One comment

  1. To me, giving my love a satisfying orgasm while holding off my own is the pinnacle of male chastity. It is so satisfying. Thanks for a good post…

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