In a lull.

November 10, 2011

Just not feeling this whole male chastity thing the past couple of days. Not saying I want to stop or anything, but just feeling kinda flat. Things have been crazy busy for me. Of course that is when the girls decide to turn into demons and drive Belle crazy.

We also have quite a few things going on prior to vacation in a couple of weeks. To be honest I’m not really looking forward to vacation. I think it is a combination of a 34 hour round trip in a crowded van and money concerns. The trip is already paid for and the money concerns aren’t really legit but I obsess about it anyway.

I wonder if it is just these outside factors or if it is a case of my drive lowering because I’ve been locked up so long. It has only been like 52 days but that is by far the longest I have gone. My mind is doing weird things.

Just blah.


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