Ruined Orgasms = Ruined Desire?

November 15, 2011

I have had probably four ruined orgasms this past cycle(60 days tomorrow). Unfortunately they aren’t like they used to be. The first few times, my drive stayed high…often increased. Lately I would say it has been cut in half.

Am I just getting used to them? Am I going to far? Belle has compared them to mini-orgasms instead of being ruined. I do feel some orgasmic pleasure. I would say probably 25% of an orgasm. I definitely still feel the frustration of not getting to follow through.

Luckily I won’t have to worry about it until after vacation. I have received the last little bit of relief I’m getting before we get back. This was determined two nights ago.

Belle was gracious enough to give me a bit of a blow job. I asked her to ruin me and she said no. She said she would let me have one more ruined orgasm before the trip. I countered with the fact that if she got it out of the way now, I would be nice and horny on vacation. Was I desperate? You bet!

She relented but made me do it myself. I think she was a little annoyed. Again, my desire leaked out of me. Ugh. They had been so perfect! What happened?

I’m torn about how far I wish this would go. Part of me wants to go a really long time without cumming. Another part of me wonders what the point is. I guess I’m getting a little bored. You will have that I suppose. It isn’t that we aren’t playing, because we are. Maybe it is just the whole forgetting what it is like to be able to have an orgasm. I am starting to think that you need a taste every once in a while to keep you motivated. Maybe the ruined ones are good for that.

I do want a new device. I find the jailbird annoying me lately. I think it is just because I have gotten used to the device physically and it doesn’t fit well anymore. We are most likely getting the Steelheart early next year. That should spice things up!

We have two other guest reviewers queued up for Nuts4Toys. Both of them are Belle’s friends. Look for those reviews in the next couple of weeks.

Also, I’m going to be moving some stuff around on this blog shortly. If you notice anything that looks goofy, please let me know.



  1. We find it difficult to get the timing down right when she’s stroking me to a ruined one, so each one seems a little different. Some leave me aching for more, still horny as hell. Others are as you describe, a partial orgasm that seems to be followed by a short refractory period. I guess one just has to keep experimenting…

  2. I find that the prospect of a good orgasm, and the anticipation of it, is necessary to keep me motivated. Lots of T&D/Edging, knowing that it will not go ‘all the way’ and orgasm will not be permitted until ‘Cum Day’ heighten the anticipation.

    ‘Ruined’ orgasms are not a reward but a penalty/punishment (and for her amusement) if ‘Cum Day’ arrives and she feels that I do not deserve a full orgasm, but have not disappointed her so greatly that I should be totally denied for that month.

    Actually, Mrs. Twisted doesn’t usually *intentionally* bestow ruined orgasms, they tend to be a consequence of her getting carried away during PIV sex when I have not been given permission to cum. I can clamp down so hard that although ejaculation occurs, and I know it has occurred, the amount is less than normal and the usual ‘feeling’ of orgasm is suppressed. I still lose the erection and the refractory period occurs but it tends to be short- the next day I am hornier than ever.

    She hasn’t yet learned the finer art of edging so as to be able to just barely tip me over the edge and remove the stimulation for a ‘true’ ruined O.

  3. Twice this year my Wife/Keyholder has ruined my ejaculations on purpose, but she has done it in another way for years.
    Every time she does it my desire and drive drops, but only for one day, not for two weeks like a complete ejaculation causes.
    Before she discovered that she could stop me from ejaculating and keep my desire intact to continue serving her she made me ejaculate while I was orally pleasing her by pulling and squeezing my balls. At first it only happened after four weeks of chastity, then it was three weeks, and now she can make me ejaculate that way after just two weeks.
    Either she is getting better at it (and she is) or I’m just ejaculating out of fear afraid that it may be my last if she squeezes and pulls to hard. She has become an expert at this and knows to trap my balls in their sack with her index finger and thumb so they can’t escape and that pulli8ng them back behind me makes me very hard.
    She usually unlocks me, but this has happened many times while I’m still locked and then she has no reaqson to unlock me.
    Twice in a row she gave me a ruined ejaculation and it really made me want to be allowed inside her again the next time so much more valuable.
    I’m hoping she doesn’t start giving me ruined ejaculations more than sex. I worry about this because she seemed so intrigued and facinated that she could make me ejaculate so easily. I might even say she was proud that she made me have an abbreviated one and saved my desire to continue serving her.
    Wouldn’t all wives be proud that they can make their husband’s come so easily?
    I on the other hand feel humiliated that she can make me ejaculate so quickly and easily. She already demands that I orally please her before she will allow me anything because I ejaculae quickly before she can orgasm. I really like being allowed to enter her without having to get her off orally first. To try and be a stud with stamina that can last until the woman orgasms.
    However I always lose and then I have to orally please her and clean her up. Its my fantasy that she will one day make me go down on her every time she allows me to be inside her.
    When I ejaculate quickly I feel so humiliated that I know she deserves to have better sex and I will willingly go down on her because I don’t want her to be left wanting or wanting a real man with better equipment and stamina.
    Often she verbally guilts me into going down on her, by saying things like, “Is that it? you came?” and she really stepped it up once, “You came in me after three strokes? What are you, a little boy? You better get down there and give me mine!”
    She could very easily keep humble byreminding me, “I keep your little dick locked up because you are a chronic masturbator” or “Little one like yours need to be kept locked!” or “You know why they don’t make chastity devices for real men’s penises don’t you? Not only are they too big, but they’re in such high demand even if thay made one that fit it would be being unlocked to get used constantly.”

    • I find myself in the opposite situation. I last too long most of the time. Chastity seems to be slowly curing that though.

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