Things that suck #465

November 18, 2011

Being stuck at work when your Keyholder has already sent you a text asking what your preference is for playtime that night.

Especially when you have been locked with no play at all for several days, working on your 7th week without an orgasm.

Belle seems to be in a frisky mood. I didn’t really know what to request. At this point anything should blow my mind. I guess what I really crave is to be edged over and over. Maybe some pain in between sessions. I don’t really get much edging. Now that I am being denied any ruined orgasms between now and vacation, any edging that I get will do nothing but build me up. T&D is what it is all about right? Getting back to basics is probably what we need. Too little teasing and too many ruined orgasms is leaving us with something a lot less exciting than we used to have.

Bright side… Babeland is sending me two anal toys from my wishlist! They should be here next week. We go on vacation starting next Thursday so chances we will be using them beforehand are very slim. At least we will have something to look forward to. It might help bring us out of the post vacation funk that is guaranteed.


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