Something new? A ruined orgasm for two?

November 22, 2011

Lots of stuff going on over here but it has been hectic getting ready for vacation. I guess what I want to write about most is the little mishap last night.

We were all prepared to test out a toy for review and it broke… That sucked but we were naked and ready to take advantage if it!

I had not been inside Belle in a couple of weeks. I was dying for it and she obliged. I wasn’t getting super hard for some reason and although it felt good, it wasn’t the super good feeling of mid-chastity sex.

That changed when Belle started to get close. I had a very difficult time holding back. It wasn’t the kind of edging that could go nuclear at any minute. It is difficult to describe. It felt kinda flat but really good. Like a steady pleasure. The edge snuck up on me all at once. I had to stop. Belle had been really close and I was afraid she had her orgasm already. She had not.

We waited a minute and when I thought I had enough control to take her over the edge we started again. She was right there, I could tell. Unfortunately it snuck up on me again. This time too quickly. I pulled out. She asked if I came or if it was ruined. That was answered a second later as it uneventfully spilled out of me all over her pussy.

I apologised profusely and she was ok with it. It was sufficiently ruined. I asked about her. She said she came right as I was pulling out. She said it was still good, but that had to have been disappointing. I would think we effectively both had ruined orgasms.

It was very strange. Typically a ruined orgasm is the goal. This time it was achieved by accident. I was trying to hold back. It was a totally different experience. I was actually a little sore afterward. It was nice to get to at least cum on Belle. She did comment playfully as she was getting dressed for bed that it was a sensation she wasn’t used to anymore.

Now I want to cum inside her even more. Vacation in 2 days. Who knows how long I will wait when we come back. Vacation was the goal we set. When we get back, Belle has the power to make me wait as long as she wants. I hope it isn’t too long.


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