Road Trip!

November 25, 2011

Vacation is upon us. We are about 4 hours in, 13.5 more and we will be in sunny Lake Buena Vista!

I am unlocked for the drive. Belle isn’t sure whether or not I will be locked up when we get there or not.

Had some wonderful sex last night. Left me begging for an orgasm. Denied of course. I’m really looking forward to cumming again. Only 68 days so far.

We will be meeting Belle’s friend who knows about our little secret. That should be interesting.


Update: I thought I hit submit on this hours ago. Only 3 hours away now.


  1. Jnuts, have you mentioned Belle’s friend in a previous post. It somehow rings a bell. It seems that there could be some interesting conversations ahead.

    • I did. She was the one that we were contemplating sending my key to before vacation.

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