Truely ruined inside!

December 4, 2011

The night before last, I had a crazy dream. It involved being locked in a Steelheart. I will write about that later. Anyway, I told Belle about it and it got us both a little fired up. I tried wearing my device on our last day here, but I was in some severe pain from pulling for some reason and had to take it off.

Last night everyone fell asleep except us. I begged Belle to touch me and she obliged. She stroked me a few times and then used her nails. God it was good. I wanted to fuck her so bad! She told me to go to sleep.

A few minutes went by and my erection subsided. I was starting to drift off when I felt a hand trying to bring my hard-on back to life. She asked me how quiet I could be. We got down on the floor and I immediately got between her legs. She had started spotting earlier that day but I didn’t care. She tasted so good after all this time!

After a minute or so, I moved up and entered her. She was wetter than she had been in a long time. It was so good. Kissing, rubbing. Just good love making.

She told me that it was too bad there were others in the room. She wanted me to cum but she wanted me to be able to let loose. I told her I could be quiet but she said no. I told her I wanted to cover her with cum and she said she knew so we had to wait.

I told her that on the other hand, she could ruin me and then make me wait another month. She told me she had considered that. She told me when the day finally came, I would be getting more than one orgasm. She also informed me that I was going to be locked back up when I get home even if she had to lock me herself. Of course that isn’t necessary, but it was nice to hear.

She was close. She told me I could ruin myself inside her. This is where things get fuzzy in my head. It was really wierd. I was close to the edge…I guess. I didn’t have that deep down orgasmic feeling. I’m not sure how I knew I was there, I just did. Things just felt solid. I knew I was going to ejaculate. Maybe my body is learning to seperate orgasm and ejaculation. Regardless, I got to where I needed to be and thrust deep inside her one last time. She came. I stayed very still. I was thinking I would have to try again because after a few seconds, nothing had happened and I wasn’t feeling the typical mini-orgasm. Just as I was about to try again, I felt pressure and then release. Totally orgasmless.

Although I didn’t get the pleasure of an orgasm, it was amazing feeling my cock contract inside her. Five or six powerful spurts. The thought of filling my wife was very empowering. I hadn’t done this in a quarter of a year. I needed it. It was enlightening that it wasn’t the orgasm that I desired. It was to fill her.

Another good thing about this ruined orgasm was that my desire didn’t go away at all. With permission, I went down on her again. Always a fantasy, but never still desired when the cum is actually there. That was changed this time and I eagerly lapped our combined juices from her for a few seconds until I was told to stop. I really wanted her to sit on my face and make me swallow everything. I begged. She declined however, already spent. She did let me scoop some up with my fingers and then made me suck it off.

I really hope we can do this again soon. It was very much enjoyed by both of us and I really enjoyed a creampie for the first time.



  1. Nice post, have never ruined inside my Mistress, you are very disciplined sir! But a good way to break yourself into creampie eating, I’m passed that problem of desire going away I love it, hahaha. But that’s me.
    So another month to wait, wonderful.

    • Possibly another month. It is up to her. It is exciting now that vacation is over. It will always be in the back of my mind that today could be the day.

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