A bed of our own.

December 9, 2011

Our oldest daughter (currently 2 1/2) never slept in a crib. We tried, we really did. She just wouldn’t go down for more than an hour without waking up screaming. Frustration and exhaustion finally won over and into our bed she went.

As you can imagine, this doesn’t lend itself well to the lifestyle we are practicing. If we want to play around, we either need to move to the livingroom floor or wait until our daughter falls asleep on the couch and move her to the bed after we play.

This has made a lot of quick play all but impossible. It was just too much work.

More importantly, we had very little time to hold each other. That sucks!

A thread was started over on the Chastity Forums about a website discussing Devotional Sex. From what the author said, there are a lot of similarities between this practice and Male Chastity so I took a little time to browse through. One thing I like about Devotional Sex is there is a lot of cuddling involved. I highly recommend you check that site out and I’m sure I will be discussing it more in the future.

Anyway, this really got me thinking again about how much I miss sharing a bed with ONLY my wife. This prompted me to quit procrastinating and put together my daughter’s bed. She actually slept in it for about 6 hours before waking up crying and ending up in our bed! Much better than I expected!

It was very nice to be able to wrap my arms around Belle for a while before going to sleep. Expecting nothing sexual but still feeling the intimacy was a nice feeling. Am I hoping this might spice things up? Yes. Is it worth it even if it doesn’t? Definitely!



  1. We don’t have any kids…but when my wife wanted to get a dog, one thing I insisted on was that the dog is *NEVER* allowed on the bed (or any other furniture). Cats are enough of a PITA when it comes to sharing the bed, but I *refuse* to compete with a dog…and kids would be the same (if we’d have had any).

    • Our oldest has attachment/sensory issues. Sleeping was a big hurdle. She slept wrapped up in a blanket in a cradle swing until she was 8 months old. When she out grew it the only way to get any sleep was for her to be touching me in her sleep. OT is helping work through these.

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