Nine Minutes of Uncertainty.

December 13, 2011

I was sick for a few days and Belle is now. Last night was interesting to say the least…

I was giving Belle a backrub. Less than a week in and I was horny as hell. I told Belle as much.  A week ago she told me that we would play a lot more this cycle. Not her fault at all but still difficult.  Belle sympathized and told me we could take a break.  She told me I could take my device off. 

I got the key and unlocked myself.  I tried stroking myself while I was rubbing her back but that wasn’t working out too well so I finished her up.  Belle was exhausted.  I asked her to give me a time limit.  She gave me ten minutes.  At this point, I was under the impression that I was allowed to cum.  I felt kinda bad about that.  I felt like I was taking advantage of the fact that she was sick.  I set the timer on my iPhone.  I then handed her the phone and told her to type in the notepad either the word yes or the word no.  That would indicate whether or not I could cum.  This would give her the control back.  She did so and closed the app.  I was to look at it once the timer said I had a minute left.

At first everything was cool.  I could have had an orgasm within the first minute.  I edged myself once and then took a break for a few seconds.  Then something strange happened.  When I went back to stroking, I had lost all desire to masturbate.  I also started losing my erection.  WTF?  I had six minutes to go.  What the hell was going on?

Sorry...you just weren't doing it for me...

I figured maybe a little eye candy would help me out.  I had been wanting to jerk off to pictures of Taylor Swift for months so I pulled one up on my phone.  Didn’t really help.

After a couple more minutes, I was sufficiently hard again and although I didn’t really care to anymore, I could have had an orgasm.  The timer hit nine minutes and I opened up the notepad.


I really didn’t see that cumming.  And wouldn’t you know it, I wanted to cum again.  I savored my last minute and when the timer went off, I washed my hands and went to sleep.

I did ask Belle today if I had a “Not Before” date and she said Christmas.  Christmas isn’t that far away but it seems like it.  I really want to cum.  I think I might want to take a break from chastity pretty soon.  I don’t know if I’m getting burned out or what but I’m just feeling kinda weird towards it.  A little depressed maybe?  I don’t know.


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