Jingle Balls

December 18, 2011

As Belle posted previously, I’m out until the day after Christmas. Is it all it is cracked up to be? Are the orgasms as awesome as you would imagine?

The first round was the night of her post. I was interested to see how that one would feel since it was the first, but it had only been a week. Belle was still sick so I ended up taking care of business on my own. We have decided to take up a collection… All the cum that is a result of masturbation goes in a small container and goes in the freezer. It may not be used for anything(God knows right now I’m not craving that at all). The first deposit was made that night. There was quite a bit even though it had only been a week. The orgasm that came with it felt stale and unsatisfying. Certainly better than nothing but not the orgasm of my dreams. I expected that. The second one is always the best right? I was determined to find out.

The next morning I went solo before work.  Not much detail with this one.  Again, not a very good orgasm.  What was missing? That night I found out!

Belle was still a bit under the weather.  We went to bed and due to my two previous ejaculations, I was not really wanting for anything.  I fell asleep but it was a very light sleep.  At one point, I felt Belle wrap an arm around me.  Instantly I was awake and horny.  It turns out she was too.  It wasn’t long before We were both naked and I was entering her.  This is what I needed!  God it was good!  Every thrust was heaven.  Because I had already had two orgasms, I had more confidence in my control and I used that.  I was determined to cum at the same time as her.  I was also determined to make it last.  I know how to make love to my wife.  If nothing else, five years of marriage has taught me what she likes.  The reverse can also be said.  She knows what to do to get me going.  We were firing on all cylinders.  There were hands and mouths everywhere.  When the time came, it was intense and it was lovely.  I exploded inside her like I had been yearning to do for months.

Afterwards, we collapsed.  I was really sore.  I used muscles in my legs that I had not used in ages.  Made sense since we used positions we hadn’t used in ages.

I have fucked her once since then.  That one was for me.  She let me have my way with her and I damn…I certainly had my way.

Needless to say, being unlocked as an early Christmas present was definitely a winner.



  1. Wonderful. I envy you. Happy Christmas.


  2. Cum collecting…might I suggest a plastic ice-cube tray? Then it is separated into small, easy to use portions. If more is desired, simply use more cubes.

    The cubes can be used in a number of ways, including simulated cuckolding.

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