“Wish we had a cane.”

January 10, 2012

The title of this blog is also the contents of the text message that started it all. I had only been at work a couple of hours when I received that message. It did not help my productivity for the evening.

Belle is not often in that kind of mood. She does seem to be slipping into it a bit more easily lately so that is a good thing for me.

It wasn’t until around 2am when the kids were finally down for the night. Belle asked me if I was too tired. Hell no! I got out original bag of toys because it contains my pinwheel, nipple clamps, and several other odds and ends that lend themselves well to this type of play.

I was told to take my clothes off. Once I was naked and lying on a blanket on the living room floor, Belle tried to put my leather stretcher on me. Due to the fact that I was lying down and it was a little chilly in the room, she couldn’t get it secured. She told me to put it on. I got up on my knees in front of the heater and with a little struggling my balls were secured a safe distance from my now swollen cock.

Next came my collar. This is a nylon collar we bought on a whim at the pet store. It is basic. Black with a silver buckle. We have not used it much so this was certainly exciting. Belle commented that she couldn’t wait to have me on a leash.

After the collar was secure, the nipple clamps came out. The pain was pretty intense but it subsided fairly quickly after they were applied.

With my nipples clamped and my balls pulled tight, I was starting to shiver a bit. I was very exposed and vulnerable. I was told to lie with my hands above my head. Mental restraints if you will. Belle produced from its sheath my beloved wheel of death. She wasted no time at all going directly after my now overly sensitive balls. I tried to remain silent but I couldn’t help it as I whimpered softly. She then ran the wheel up my cock. By that point, things were getting fairly moist down there. She caught a drop of precum with her finger and rubbed it on the head of my cock.

She continued with the pinwheel. My legs and chest were both victims. She kissed my underarm…she knows exactly what drives me wild. She also left a sucker bite on my chest. One that hasn’t even begun to fade this morning.

“Give me that ass.”

With that order, I was on my hands and knees. Chain dangling to bridge the gap from one sore nipple to the other. My cock was almost at the point of pouring. Belle made a bit of a big deal about this. Catching some of the drips and rubbing them into my cock. One exceptionally large drop found its way from her finger to my mouth.

Since we have no cane and our crop was broken, a leather belt filled the void. At first, it didn’t hurt at all. I was mentally searching the house for something else. Then I realized that it was a matter of Belle figuring out her new instrument of pain. After five or six swings, it was now starting to sting. I was wincing and that did not stop her. After 20 or so swings I was reeling. She stopped and told me to lie back down. My ass was on fire.

I had previously asked her if she wanted me to get the hollow strap-on so I could fuck her without feeling it. She said that she wouldn’t be up to fucking tonight. She was now informing me that she lied. She didn’t want the strap-on however. She climbed on top of me and put me inside her.

Despite the fact that my cock was so hard I wasn’t feeling much, it was still really nice to be inside. Being free for almost a month, it is starting to get difficult being back in orgasm denial. Tonight would be my first time physically denied I was sure.

Repeatedly Belle told me how hot I looked. I think the collar(or at least a collar) will be more of a staple in the bedroom in the future.

She fucked me slowly. It makes me insanely hard now just thinking about it! We talked. I told Belle of my intense desire for a golden shower. Very soon I was promised. Later she informed me that if she had to pee at the time I would have gotten my wish. She pointed out that it was proof that she does get in that mood so that is promising.

She told me she was going to cum. She didn’t explicitly say it, but I used that to drive home the fact that I was NOT going to cum.

I love watching my wife have an orgasm. More-so when I know it is going to be one sided. I feed off of her pleasure. I relish in the fact that I am forfeiting my climax to be a bystander. To make he happy.

After her orgasm, I could see her come down as plain as day.

She curled up beside me. I told her this is what is best for us. Her control over my orgasms. She agreed.

Later as we went to bed, I couldn’t quit thinking about my future golden shower. I think perhaps my motivations for it have changed. I want her to show her control over me. I want her to show me she is the boss.

I asked her (half jokingly) if she was ready to be my full time Dom. She told me know. She informed me that I was not ready to be a full time sub. That sounded like a challenge.


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