Quick plug…butt plug of course.

January 14, 2012

On the way to meet some family for dinner.

Earlier Belle told me I had a choice of what to wear. I found that odd since I was already half dressed. She wasn’t talking about clothes!

I was told it was either the Jailbird or The Bootie. I have never worn a butt plug other than in a sexual situation and I was eager to try.

She had me lie down on the bed and she applied what we thought was a generous amount of water based lube and inserted it.

It felt a lot bigger than it had previously. I was sure it was a mental thing. As I got up and moved around I wasn’t convinced anymore.

I took it out and saw that the lube had mostly worn off. I applied some more and put it back in. Better, but still a little uncomfortable.

It has been about 30 minutes and I’m getting more used to it. I really hadn’t thought it would be a big deal but it is. Especially a minute ago when Belle was rubbing me through my jeans(making sure to watch the road of course).

I’m armed with a ziploc bag just in case it needs to come out while we are out. I will be sure to report back later.



  1. So, how did you like it?

    My wife will frequently have me go out with a plug in. Sometimes, she makes me pack ahead (some lube, a glove, and a plug) to put one in while we are out. To date, I have done this at work, at the movies, and at dinner. I have gotten really good at silently plugging my ass in a bathroom. She even had me swap up to a bigger size.

    Cargo pants with big pockets are a huge help in this situation. She keeps warning me that one day she’s just going to hand me a bag with everything I need in it and let me figure out how to discretely get it to the bathroom.

    • I detailed it in a new post yesterday but it wasn’t too bad.

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