18k Shower

January 18, 2012

Last night, Belle put me in charge. As a result of this, I reversed it back on her and told her I wanted a hardcore bondage session, complete with fulfilling an obsession I have had for a little while now.

As always, it took forever to get the kids to bed. Once they were asleep, we went into the bathroom. After turning the shower on to warm the tub up a bit(damn you winter!), I got naked.

Belle was a bit aprehensive about the whole golden shower thing and I told her she could blindfold me if it would help. She thought it would so we used a bit of bondage tape to effectively make me blind.

I layed down in the tub, cock hard as can be. Belle took off her clothes as well and got in the tub with me. I was excited as hell. She stood over me, leg on either side of my waist. For a moment all was quiet. Slowly, she let go.

It felt amazing! She moved back and forth between my stomach and my cock. It was a very sureal thing and I definitely want more!

Afterwards we showered and still naked, I went into the livingroom and waited for her.

The bondage tape came out first. Once my wrists were sufficiently bound, Belle broke out the nipple clamps. She had plans for them that did not include my nipples…at first anyway.

She clamped both ends to my scrotum. I informed her that I really couldn’t feel them. She adjusted them and instead of putting them back, she clamped one end to my perineum and the other end to my frenulum. This I felt!

She took the wartenburg pinwheel and did a number on me with that.

Unlike when the clamps are on my nipples, the pain I was feeling was increasing over time. She took them off right before I was about to ask.

Instead of being put away, she applied them to my nipples. She then straddled me and rubbed her pussy against my cock through her panties. She was definitely enjoying this.

I wasn’t expecting the slap in the face. She likes to surprise me like that.

The rest of the session was all about her. She rode me for quite some time. I was under the impression that I was going to be allowed an orgasm until she leaned back, fondled my balls and told me they wouldn’t be getting any release.

Shortly thereafter she rode me to orgasm.

Afterwards, we relaxed in each other’s arms. I was absolutely dying for an orgasm. It wasn’t in the cards.

We chatted about what had transpired and agreed that given the right mood, it will happen again. I couldn’t be happier!


One comment

  1. hey you are such a lucky man..i wish it could happen with me..

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