Missing Chastity

February 6, 2012

Missing Chastity.  Never thought I would be the one saying that.   Things have taken a different focus at the Jnuts/Belle household the last few months, and I am not sure how I feel about it.  We have been focusing on toy reviews, which has actually been a ton of fun for me.  Writing the reviews and organzing the other reviewers and their posts have given me something to focus on other than being Mommy to 2 very busy and messy toddlers.  Jnuts has been having at least an orgasm a week, mostly because of a toy that needs reviewed.   He always asks if he allowed, but it isn’t the same.  He also isn’t locked.

I am missing the cage.  There I said it.  I have become that person.  I miss the power, the knowledge that his cock is locked in a cage and I have the key.  For us the cage is symbolic, as I know that when he says he doesn’t touch himself without my knowledge that he means it.  Yet somehow it has become important to me.  I don’t want it to be an all the time thing (at least I don’t think I do).  But I do miss it.  I miss knowing that he has a constant, steel reminder of me all day at work.  I miss knowing that he thinks of me every time he sits down or that he is willing to sit down to pee just to make me happy.

So I guess I know the answer to the question that I asked myself when all this started.  It is a part of who I am now, who we are.  Chastity has changed my thinking of myself, my husband, and our relationship.  For the better.  I don’t want it to end.



  1. It sounds like a win/win here. Do you sense yourself fighting it for some reason? I think he’s been hoping you’d become “that person” all along! Most of us on the “wearing” side do. 🙂

    Why not just go with the flow?

    • I’m not fighting it at all. Actually glad to know for sure where I stand on the whole thing. With everything going on in our lives right now he hasnt’t shown much interest in MC, so I wasn’t sure where he stood.

  2. I wonder why don’t you just lock him up again? Does he resist it? Did you talk about your desire?


    • As usual I used the blog to jump start the conversation :). He locked back up this morning. Can’t get over the fear he is only doing it for me. (How’s that for a role reversal!).

      • lol. Perfect role reversal! 🙂


  3. […] now they review toys too . Belle’s journey from “very vanilla” (her words) to enjoying having a lock on her husband’s rod and tackle is good reading. She, like many of us, doesn’t feel well-represented in the kinky community. […]

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