A quick note

February 21, 2012

Just wanted to stop in and say that everything is going, well normal.   As normal as it ever goes for us that is.   Jnuts is crazy busy at work, which leaves little time for random text messages and the such.  I know he is in some pretty important meetings, and don’t want to distract him with his phone going off.   (He has to keep it with him.)  Life with 2 toddlers takes over when he does get home, but we are plugging along.   He had a pretty intense ruined orgasm over the weekend, but I could not do it justice so I will let him tell the story if he gets a chance.      He is now unlocked again after wearing it all last week, but I may lock him back up in a few days.   Unlocked, not free to orgasm.  In our household those are 2 totally different things.



  1. Time for you to try locking him up for 30 or 60 days…you will LOVE it…and whether he likes it or not, is beside the point.

  2. 30-60 days is about average for him, we have been shaking things up a little lately to keep things different.

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