A peak in Belle’s head

March 19, 2012

I was interviewed over at Tales from a Domme for anyone interested.  Last year she did a series of interviews of sub-men.  Her focus is now on varying aspects of dominant women.



  1. “Belle was as vanilla as they come,…….” That’s what’s Jnuts wrote. Then the 2 of u embraced chastity. I applaud what u wrote in “I’m an ass when I cum”. Quite refreshing amidst all the virtual garbage.
    Now u r portrayed as a dominant woman by DD.

    Question: Do u feel like one?

    Yes i read that interview. Still i’m asking u. Do u feel like one?

    • For me being vanilla and being a dominant woman are two different things. In my mind and in our relationship, vanilla refers to our level of kink. He is still way, way more kinky than me. However, I feel comfortable telling him no, or placing limits/boundaries on what we do. The dominant aspect for us is the power to dictate what we do and when we do it. So yes, I do feel like I am a dominant woman. I do not ever see myself as the stereotypical Domme clad in latex, but in reality that is not what either of us want.
      Thanks for reading!

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