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Not so crazy after all….

November 17, 2011

Well, in terms of the drop off I feel after an extreme play session that is. I recently read Jay Wiseman’s “SM 101” book for our review site. 90% of the book was not for me, it dealt with others in the SM community who were looking to enter into it with no set partner. However one thing did jump out at me and make me reread a section, what he referred to as “Top Drop.” This is term was used to define the feeling that the Top, or Domme, feels the day or two after a session.

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Can’t think of a title for this blog.

January 26, 2011

Locked back up last night. I had been unlocked a few days ago due to some weird internal pain. Felt like I had been kicked in the nuts. So far everything has been back to normal. I’m glad. It was depressing thinking maybe chastity was something I wasn’t going to be able to do. It felt very weird not being locked up. I would compare it to wearing a watch everyday and then not being able to wear it anymore. You feel naked.

It has been 17 days without orgasm. I did get a ruined orgasm a few days ago that I never got around to writing about. Did it myself while lying in bed. My wife caught half of it and made me swallow it. No problem at all. Ruined orgasms are crazy!

I did have a couple days with a bit of a lower sex drive. I had been crazy horny and draining my balls seemed to give me some relief.

The past couple nights have been very busy and therefore without play. She is off her period now so I’m hoping for some oral soon. I know better than to ask though!



A Glimpse of My Fantasy.

January 24, 2011

Have I gotten to meet my new Domme yet? Not quite. My wife and I had quite the session last night and after, when asked if that was Belle or my wife, she simply replied, “A little of both.”

I had gone to bed, being on the early shift, I have to force myself sometimes. I couldn’t sleep. So I was lying in bed, texting my wife who was in the living room rocking our youngest to sleep. I was asking her about Belle and we were figuring out some specifics. At one point she asked what I was hoping for from Belle. I rattled off a short list of some of the acts that I had been fantasizing about and she thanked me for the suggestions. By this point, I was really wanting some riding crop action. More than I have ever craved it before. I relayed this and she agreed.

I retrieved the crop and she led me to the living room. It was a bit akward at first, but in no time I was without pants, and on my hands and knees. It was quite cold in there and that had to account for at least some of my shaking.

I got about a dozen swats on the ass before she started running the crop between my legs. This is what I was hoping for. I had been out of the device for several hours due to a little pain but I was over that and hard as a rock.

Please tell me to lie on my back! Please tell me to lie on my back!

“Lie down on your back.”


I quickly abliged and my shaking increased. A couple of light swats on my legs led to some hesitation. I could tell what she wanted and it was exactly what I wanted. I dared to ask her.

“You want to don’t you?”


“Then do it.”

I recieved several light swats to my balls. It didn’t hurt and only made me want more. I got more. Harder. It stung, but I loved it! My cock was next. God it felt so good!

She then grabbed my cock with her hand and gave it several hard strokes. The precum oozing from the tip was gathered and placed in my mouth. I quickly sucked it off her finger. I’ve turned in to quite the cum slut. 🙂

“Do you want more?”


“What do you want?”


“More what?”

“More cum.”

“Who’s cum.”

“My cum.”

She jerked me And once again I got to suck my salty fluid from her fingers.

Before I knew it, my entire cock was in her mouth. Not having had a blow job in a while, I was set to enjoy. Instead of sucking me, she sank her teeth into my cock near the base. Holy shit! She moved up a short distance and bit me again. Moved up some more and again until her lips were wrapped around the head of my penis. One more bite! I could barely take it, but I would have gladly taken it again and again.

“I’m going to fuck you now.”

No argument from me!

She removed her panties and straddled me. By this time my cock was so hard that much of the sensitivity was gone. This didn’t stop her pleasure. It felt so good to be inside her warm pussy. I was relaxed and enjoying the sensation when I got slapped across the face hard! I couldn’t believe it! She had done that to me before but never with that intensity.

She rode me for quite a while, making me tell her my fantasies. She stopped me briefly and held my mouth open so she could spit in it. So fucking hot!

Before long she came. From my end it didn’t seem to be earth shattering, but if I have learned anything, any orgasm is to be cherished.

She collapsed on me briefly and we cuddled. As she got up to get ready for bed, she looked me in the eye.

“We can do this.”

She smiled.

“Well we knew you could do this. I meant I think I can too.”


Re-inventing Belle

January 23, 2011

As Jnuts noted in the previous blog, I am going to try to meet him half way in his desire to dabble in a D/S relationship.  Those of you who have read some of earlier blogs will understand why this is a difficult thing for me.  I struggle with the power that MC gives me, so being the Domme in our relationship is a huge step.    I used my Fetlife profile to establish a persona for Belle……

I am Belle, the alter ego of a very vanilla, white collar professional turned SAHM. She is uncomfortable addressing some of her husbands more kinky desires, and that is where I step in. She was struggling with his desire to be locked in chastity and denied. She felt bad telling him no and teasing then denying. I do not. I don’t have the hang ups of past relationships that messed with her head. He wants smacked around a little while wearing a dog collar? I am game. He wants pissed on while I shower? Sure, won’t hurt me at all. It will be about me when I want it to be, not when she thinks it should be. I am not into receiving pain, but I can and will dish it out. He always said he wanted her to be the bitch she was at work in the bedroom. Well I am here now. Let’s hope he realized what he was wishing for.

Jnuts has not met Belle yet, but he has received several messages from her, and will be meeting her soon.





Dabbling in D/S

January 22, 2011

We are turning things up a notch. As I said previously, I’ve been reading a lot of literotica lately and I came across a set of stories that intrigued me. I shared them with Belle and she replied with “I’m game.”. 🙂

She has struggled with being a keyholder some because she doesn’t like to be mean to me. We may have found a way around this.

We were chatting over AIM while I was at work yesterday and she started talking about Belle in the 3rd person. It seemed to disconnect it just enough to get her to think more adventurously. So we have now decided that Belle and my wife are two separate people. They are both my keyholders but Belle is my Domme. We will refer to her in the 3rd person unless we are in a session.

May sound strange but we are giving it a shot. I asked my wife what Belle was like.

“A lot like me…but bossy and self-centered.”

🙂 I get to meet her this weekend.

Now for the part we are struggling with. As prevously mentioned, she does not care for a lot of the typical names thrown around in D/S relationships. When in a D/S session, I am to refer to her as Belle. She is having troubles coming up with a name for me. We aren’t into the whole sissy thing at all. Slave and sub are also out. Anyone have any other suggestions?

I am to go out today and purchase two 20 sided dice. My wife informed me that Belle has come up with a little game. The need for 2 of them is a little frightening…but that’s what I wanted.

I did get unlocked last night due to a bit of swelling. Almost 9 days locked up. New record for me. When we went to bed my wife did say that she felt like she shouldn’t give me my usual rubbing session since I was unlocked. That sent chills up my spine. I asked if she would touch me elsewhere. She did. She ran her fingers up my inner thighs and inside my underwear to rub my balls. Damn it felt good to get a proper erection! After a couple of minutes she decided to take advantage of the lack of cage anyway. I got no lube and she wasn’t particularly gentle as she stroked my rock hard cock but It didn’t matter. It felt amazing! I hadn’t had any stimulation like this in 13 days and I needed it. She jerked me for a few minutes and told me to go to sleep. I wanted more but knew better than to ask(I’m getting there). Greatful for what I had received, I curled up with her and went to sleep.

I get locked back up after my shower today. This most likely means my first session with Belle will be in a cage. Definitely self centered. Can’t fucking wait!