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Total Ecstasy

September 4, 2011

Belle is no longer on the pill. Has it made a difference? YOU BET YOUR ASS!

I haven’t been locked up that long yet. I’m still on my first round of 4…this first one being 9 days long. I’ll be rolling again on Tuesday.

Two days ago, Belle text me while I was at work, telling me that there would be playtime that night. Gets me going every single time. That night she informed me that we wouldn’t be doing anything too crazy but if I was good, the next night, she would unlock me for a bit.

Details of this session are a bit foggy. For the first time in quite a while, Belle was very much into it. She raked her nails down my thighs, scratched me through my cage, and made me all kinds of horny! We also kissed quite a bit. There was definite passion…something that had been missing…and very much missed. Damn you birth control. Damn you to hell.

So although it was awesome for me, there weren’t really any juicy details from that night. Sorry. šŸ˜¦

Not to disappoint, I guess I will tell everyone about last night as well.

Belle went to a bachelorette party last night. She doesn’t get to go out much and I wanted her to go and have a good time. She planned to make a stop at our local sex shop to purchase some gifts for the bride-to-be….and of course, something for us. She ended up buying several somethings for us. šŸ™‚

Knowing my desire for restraint, she bought me a set of handcuffs. We had also been wanting to experiment with nipple clamps so she bought a set of adjustable ones with a chain. Also, knowing that I will be locked up a lot more in the near future, I asked her to buy something for herself. For times when she really needed something inside of her and I was unavailable. She bought a really sexy looking vibrator.


Finally, she bought me a Tenga Egg. She wasn’t really sure what it was but it was at the register and had heard them mentioned a few times and thought, why not?

So on her way to the party, she called and told me what she had bought and sent me a picture of the vibrator. How long is this party again?

I really wanted her to have a good time. She really needed a break, and this was it. I encouraged her to have fun and drink if she wanted and told her I would pick her up. She was reluctant but eventually gave in.

When I picked her up, she looked really tired and I was prepared to postpone. Luckily for all involved, adrenaline kicked in and that didn’t happen.

I was naked, cuffed, and could hardly stand the anticipation. I was still locked and at that point unsure whether that would change or not.

I love nipple clamps! As soon as the first one was put on, I was hooked! So was she! The heat from the previous night was immediately restored. I’m talking honeymoon style passion!

I didn’t expect things to go very far because she is on her period. Turns out that didn’t matter.

By the time the clamps were on, I was straining against my cage and was a leaking mess. She loved it and ended up sucking me through my cage. Talk about amazing agony! I was dying to be let out.

“I am going to suck your dick…but you aren’t allowed to cum.”

God yes! She retrieved the key and unlocked me. Pulling the cage off was like the first stroke since I was so hard and it felt so damn good! She then made me lick the pre-cum off the cage. This was the Belle I had been craving! She stroked me several times, making more pre-cum pour out. No lube necessary!

We had no choice but to leave the ring on. I was way too hard to remove it. This was probably a good thing because it would have been very difficult not to cum otherwise. She sucked me for a couple minutes and I know I would have exploded were it not for that metal ring keeping things from moving too fast.

She then asked me to eat her out. This was quite a shock given her current state and I wasted no time getting to it. She tasted so good! I took my time…not wanting this to end and knowing an orgasm would do just that. We conversed quite a bit while I was licking her. She told me that she had never felt anything so good, and I believed her. This whole thing was mind-blowing. She told me that she could really tell that I loved her pussy and I wanted to be doing exactly what I was doing. That was all very true.

After some internal debate, she told me to fuck her. I was hard as hell, but by this point, the cock ring had taken away a lot of the sensitivity so there was no way I was going to cum without really trying. It was safe to fuck her however she wanted, for as long as she wanted without issue.

To be honest, I don’t really remember everything that happened and there really aren’t words for how amazing it was. She had an explosive orgasm in the end. We both went to bed very content….one of us a lot hornier than the other. šŸ˜‰

I really hope this continues. I am SO looking forward to using the vibrator on her. Although the thought of her using it on herself under the covers without letting me watch, is strangely appealing. See her face as she gets filled, while my cage is securely in place would be torture. The good kind.