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Fuckless fiction

August 30, 2011

Not all that thought out and Written in my boredom…on my iPhone. As usual, please excuse the spelling and grammar mistakes. I’m not stupid…just have a small screen. šŸ˜‰


It had been two fucking months. Scratch that. It had been two fuckless months. Locked in your device the entire time. No edging, no stroking. All playtime had consisted of through-cage touching, anal pleasure, and servicing your wife. You craved the sensation of putting your cock in just about anything at this point…anything besides this damn device that is.

You had been promised the opportunity for play time that evening. You would be unlocked. Thank God!

You kept trying to get hints as to what the night would hold and she wasn’t budging. She kept telling you that you would find out later. Often the reminder would be followed by a giggle.

When the time finally arrived, you were sure your cage was going to buckle under the pressure of the wannabe erection contained within. 

As you both sat down on the bed, you were expecting the key to make an appearance. It didn’t. You should have expected there would be some teasing first.

“The rules.”

Curiosity was peaked.

“Your lock will be removed at exactly 11pm.”

A quick glance at the alarm on the nightstand revealed that I had 9 minutes to go.

“Pay attention. At 11pm you will be unlocked. You will have until exactly 11:20pm to cum. If you do not cum by 11:20, you will lose the opportunity. I’m setting the next unlock date right now at 60 days from today. I know you have been locked up for a long time and you need this. Don’t waste it.”

I couldn’t dream of how it could be wasted. A good 30 seconds of stroking and I would be spent and I knew it. I was still determined to hold out as long as possible.  

I started to undress and she interrupted me.

“Not so fast. I’m not finished. I will be starting without you. When that clock hits 11pm, you can shed your device and join in. If you aren’t finished by 11:20pm, I will be finishing without you. Your wrists will be restrained until you are limp enough to go back in the device.”

There was zero chance of that I assured myself. Six minutes.

“Come on in Tonya.”

What the hell?

The bedroom door opened and one of my wife’s girlfriends walked in. Tonya was aware of the whole chastity thing but they had never spoken about it around me. 

Without another word, they kissed. Like really kissed. I had never seen my wife kiss anyone aside from me…let alone a woman! 

They both snuck glances at me as they darted their tongues into the other’s mouth. Their both cracked smiles seeing the shocked expression on my face. 

“So…you have probably forgotten the rules already haven’t you? Two minutes to go. You better get ready if you are planning on getting us both off in 20 minutes.”

Seriously? Not only do I get to watch this shit, but I get to join in and fuck them both? What did I do to deserve this? No idea.

They tugged at each other’s buttons and zippers. I had never thought that my wife would be into a bit of girl on gorl play. However, I could definitely tell that this was not just for my benefit. 

“It’s time.”

Out came the key. With a snap, I was lockless. Both women were staring at my cock, licking their lips as I ripped the cage off and threw it on the floor. I was already sporting a raging hard-on. Shit! 

My wife looked at me with a smirk. 

“You are wasting time hun. Get that ring off of there and show us why chaste men make the best lovers.”

No fucking way. There was no way tbis base ring was coming off when I was this hard. It was already to the point where it was starting to hurt. I needed to calm down. How the hell is that possible when my smoking hot wife, and one of her equally hot friends have just resumed their little make out session on my bed…waiting for me to join them!?!

Just breathe. Think about something else. Only need a couple of minutes to soften up. 

Looked at the clock. 11:04. This was not happening! There go the panties. Oh God, my wife was lying down. Legs spread. That hot pink pussy that I spend every moment of my day thinking about was about to be carressed by the hottest little mouth and most deliciously firm little tongue I had ever seen. Oh fuck. There it is. There is another woman going down on my wife. 

Quit watching you idiot! Can’t. So hot! Love to see my wife moan, but this just takes it to a whole new level. 

Cock throbbing. Not necessarily in a good way. Dark red. Cock ring restricting everything. Need to get it off. 

Wait! It might be worth the pain. I can get off with this thing on. 

“Honey, can I…”

“No.” She gasped in between her near constant moans. “It needs to come off. You better hurry. You only have 10 minutes left.”

How did she… Not important. Think you asshole! 

ICE! That would do the trick!

I jumped off the bed, ran to the freezer and…wtf?!? One ice cube! One damn cube! The sad part was, I think I was the one who didn’t fill the tray back up.

Cursing myself but still hopeful, I stuck the cube to my dick and ran back to the bedroom. 

Holy God! Lying side by side, licking each other, my wife and her friend were in the most delicious sixty-nine the world has ever seen. This did not help me. What little good the ice cube had done me in the few seconds i had been applied was long gone. I started rubbing it up and down my shaft. The rubbing actually made things worse.

As oblivious to me as they seemed, my wife took a split second out from sucking on Tonya’s glistening lips to give me an update on my time.

Six minutes.  

At this point, my 30 second in and out certainty was a distant memory. There was no way I was getting out of this damn base ring. Frustration had passed and depression was starting to settle in. This was so damn unfair! Who gets an opportunity like this? Who the hell? Nobody! 

Then it happened. In the midst of my little pity party, I felt the ring loosen ever so slightly. This isn’t over yet!

Still quite hard, but with renewed hope, I focused on the task at hand. Don’t pay any attention to them. They are sirens. Seducing you. Trying to get you to sail your ship into… Into what? An erection? Ok, now this is getting fucked up. You don’t know what the hell you are thinking anymore. 

Take a peek.


C’mon…they might have your wife’s vibrator out by now. 


Slowly but surely…softer and softer. Clearing your mind the best you can. Almost there.

There! It was painful but you pushed your semi-hard cock through the ring! In a flash you pulled your balls out!

Dizzy and half delusional, you look up to see what glory your new found freedom will lead you to. 

Awkward…they have both stopped, they are on their knees…both looking at you. They must have been watching your struggle. No matter. It is time my ladies! GET READY FOR…

“Annnd time.”


Restraints are pulled from between the mattress and box springs where they are kept.


Each woman grabs a wrist and holds me down as they apply my cuffs.



“Maybe next time baby. You tried so hard. I wish I could be lenient but I know that isn’t what you want.”

My wife pulled out her vibrator and settled into Tonya’s arms. I couldn’t stand to look. 

“Oh and don’t forget to refill the ice cube tray in the morning.”

It was going to be a long fucking night.