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Not according to plan…

September 19, 2011

Ok so last night didn’t go off as planned.  Belle got a head cold so there was no tease and denial for me.  Instead she let me do some solo play.  I ended up using my Fleshlight.  If you read my review of the Fleshlight, you are probably asking why.  I guess I was just looking for something other than my hand.  The Tenga Egg I tried the other day was great and I wish I hadn’t destroyed it.

So the Fleshlight it was.  Belle did a little nail work on my to get me ready and then I had 10 minutes to edge myself.  When I started out, I again felt that the Fleshlight was a waste.  I was about to switch to my hand.  Then I had an idea. Read the rest of this entry ?


Up for review…

September 5, 2011

Due to the fact that Belle and I have added several new toys to our humble but growing collection, we have decided to branch out a bit with our blogging. We have decided to start doing toy reviews. The reviews will be done with the chastity perspective in mind but will be relevant to the general public as well. We hope to get both of our opinions in on each review in order to give a unique perspective.

We want to keep things organized so I have created a secondary blog that will primarily contain the reviews. I would very much appreciated it if everyone would check it out here. I have been going through and posting thoughts on the items we currently have, with hopes that as we get new items those will be reviewed as well.



To CB or not to CB…

December 9, 2010

Ok, so I got locked back up yesterday after a couple days off between cycles.  I wanted to masturbate this morning so fucking bad!  No reason really, probably just because I couldn’t.

Aside from the release on Saturday, the only orgasm I had was on Sunday.  This one was with the Fleshlight.  Now, all you guys that are in chastity know about the second orgasm.  At least in my experience it is much more pleasurable than the first.  This was totally the case this time.  Couple that with the fact that I was in a Fleshlight and not my hand, and you have physical pleasure gold.  Yeah, it was good.  Physically.

Emotionally, not so much.  Belle wasn’t into it at all.  She later said that she was in a mood.  I could tell at the time and it really killed things.  We shouldn’t have done it if she felt like that, but she is in charge and she gave the ok, so I wasn’t going to turn it down.

I’m really hoping this cycle is better.  If it isn’t there is going to have to be some restructuring to make me want to continue doing this.  Belle has said we are starting over, and I do have faith in that, so fingers are crossed.

Thus far, she hasn’t even acknowledged the fact that I’m back in the device which is a bit discouraging.  Oh well.




Continuation of the cycle from hell…

December 3, 2010

It is crazy how much can happen in only a month to prevent you from fooling around. Birth Control problems, sick kids, sick spouses, work, etc… This cycle has sucked. It is almost over though. I get to cum tomorrow! This is assuming of course neither of us or the kids get sick again and we do have our little hotel stay tomorrow.

Not much has happened since my last post. The Fleshlight hasn’t seen any more action and neither has my cock. I have been wearing the device off and on. I ended up removing it the second night I had it because I wasn’t using lube and had the nocturnal erection from hell. I applied some lube at that point but I was sore as hell around the base ring and asked to take it off. That last couple hours of sleep was awesome. I did put it back on after my shower in the morning. It came off again the following night and stayed off until the following afternoon. Belle was sick and I was stressing at work so we decided a few hours out might be in order.

I am having a lot of rubbing with this new ring. I have been usin lube but sometimes I cant get it to stop burning. The ring isn’t too tight because I can still fit a finger in there. Not sure what is up. Really wish the cage was smaller because it doesn’t stop me from getting hard, it just stops a full erection which I would assume is more painful than stopping it before it starts.

I have been wearing it for a little over 24 hours now and it hasn’t been too bad so maybe I’m getting used to it. I hope so.

I’m in a weird state now where I kinda want to be pushed further. I told Belle last night that if she wanted to ruin my orgasm tomorrow that it would be ok. She is in charge of course but I am supposed to give her feedback. She said no. I am going to have an orgasm.

I really hope the next cycle goes better. There is a sense of accomplishment with going a month, but doing this without much play sucks. This isn’t anyone’s fault. Outside factors are to blame. I am excited about putting this cycle behind us though.



Locked and Loaded.

November 29, 2010

Jailbird is back on.  Much tighter this time.  Gonna take some getting used to. 

I’m so ready to cum.  It is almost to the point of being a little depressed.  I’m not sure what the hell is going on.  This was just a weird cycle.  Device, no device, device.  New BC pill, another new BC pill.  No sex drive for Belle, crazy sex, no sex drive for Belle.  To be honest, I was excited to get the device back but now I’m kind of indifferent about it.  I’m wearing it, but it means I’m not getting any until Saturday which sucks.  It sucks bad. 

The kids have been very fussy at night and that has not helped.  I am excited about this weekend but Belle is going through some anxiety about it.  I can relate. Hopefully it will pass by the time the weekend gets here.

I am torn between wanting play and not wanting play.  I really really want it, but I won’t be allowed to cum.  I don’t know which is worse at this point.  I know for a fact I wouldn’t pass some teasing up though.  I wonder if maybe I’m feeling this way because of the lack very much play.  I do hope Belle’s new pill evens things out. 

None of this really matters now though.  I’m at the mercy of my keyholder.  And now she is actually holding a key.  Aside from the slip up with the fleshlight, I haven’t had much temptation to touch myself.  At least now that is one less thing to worry about. 



I need Belle.

November 28, 2010

The jailbird didn’t come yesterday. I almost did. The item in question was indeed a Fleshlight. The Stamina Training model no less. Damn!

The kids were not cooperative last night. We did try it out for a minute however. It felt good. We will need to experiment with it some more. It is not anywhere near as tight as my keyholder, but it does provide for some interesting scenarios. A threesome in a tube if you will.

After a couple of minutes, one of the girls woke up and I was told to go clean my toy and put it away. The temptation was too great. I had to feel it again. Two quick thrusts in the bathroom. I confessed this to Belle later as the guilt is something I can’t handle. She was not angry since I did confess.

One thing it did accomplish was getting me nice and horny. I want the real thing and I want it now! I wanted to eat Belle out last night but she was exhausted. Maybe tonight.

I get to cum this weekend. I feel like I’m going to explode. I need an orgasm. Belle has promised to drag it out. We don’t want to waste a hotel room. 🙂 If we just got right to it, I would not last long. I hope she is feeling especially frisky that night. I want used. I want abused. I want to cum like a freight train. More than once?

This session has been different. Knowing when I will cum. I think I like not knowing better.




November 27, 2010

Here I sit. In the car with two sleeping kids…in the parking lot of Ambiance. My keyholder is inside buying something for me. She parked to the side so I can’t see in the store. This is crazy.

Will it be something for my release this weekend? Something to torment me leading up to my release? Is she going to get me something that she will keep secret until Saturday? Is she buying me a fleshlight that she will give me today…right after she locks me in the CB that is most likely sitting in our mailbox right now? Is she getting a new and better strap-on so she can pound the ass of the slave I want to be?

I don’t know. What I do know is that I better not get used to the erection in my pants right now. I’ll be locked up soon.

It snowed today. That jailbird is going to be awful cold.