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A little help from her friends…

November 2, 2011

The taste of pussy is the only good reason to be woken up in the middle of the night.  I readily admit that I got a bit carried away last night when Belle woke me up.  I hope she enjoyed it.  I went back to sleep caged and hard as hell.  It was worth it though.

I very much appreciate all of the comments on our last post.  Everyone brought a different perspective to the table.  Belle is still reading through the book and she should be reviewing it over on Nuts4Toys soon.  She is taking a lot of its content with a grain of salt.  Most of it just isn’t for us.  I’ll leave it at that and let the review speak for itself.

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Food for thought.

October 30, 2011

Belle and I had a long conversation last night. She is reading a book on SM for a review and it is scaring her a bit. The infamous slippery slope is what concerns her. She explained that while reading, she has attempted to see where she fits in and thus far she has been unsuccessful. On the other hand she can totally see me fitting in rather well in the SM lifestyle. She fears that when we reach the point that she can not pass, I will be longing for something 3 miles beyond that wall. Read the rest of this entry ?


Getting closer to permanent denial?

October 16, 2011

Belle and I had a pretty wild session last night. She knew I wanted spanked. She used the flogger on me, broke the riding crop on me, and made good use of our nipple clamps. Physically, it was great. However, I could tell she wasn’t there mentally.

After she abused me a little while, she told me we were done. I was left wanting but not in a good way. I could tell she had not enjoyed the session and that makes me feel as though I’m not doing my job. I begged to take care of her and she said she was fine. I wanted her to be more than fine. So I did what any loving husband would do and I forced her on her back and took off her pants. By this time we were both laughing because it was such an odd role reversal. I asked her if she was going to stop me and she told me no.

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A Mistress appears.

September 24, 2011

Last night didn’t start out very well…but it ended with a bang.  Literally.

We got into an argument and ended up being up very late.  It was exhausting and I’m very glad that it is over.  To lighten the mood afterward, I asked if we were going to get to have make up sex.

We went into the bedroom and I was told that I needed to take care of her but then we were going to bed.  We decided to use some new tingling gel that she got.  We are going to need to try it a couple more times before we review it, but long story short, this time it was pretty overpowering and my mouth wasn’t going to be enough to make her cum.  She told me to go get her key.

When I was unlocked, she got on her back and told me to fuck her.  No problem!

I could definitely tell she was enjoying this more.  She did inform me that I wouldn’t be cumming for a very long time.  This last week was terrible and she is dreading the beginning of the next cycle.  She is going to make sure that isn’t going to happen for a very long time.  That is both very exciting and a bit scary.  It also upset me a bit that I was so bad this week.  We discussed it later and likened it to PMS.  I can definitely see that.

She asked me to hold down her arms as I fucked her.  I did so and took that opportunity to fuck her hard.  She raked her nails down my back hard enough that it made me stop.  That felt like a very disobedient thing to do, and I asked her to reprimand me for it.  She seemed to like this.  I was told to keep fucking her and not to stop until she told me to.

“Yes Mistress.”

What?  That word is a no-no with Belle!  Kinda.  We discussed this a week or so ago.  When we are playing and she is ordering me to do something, I am permitted to call her Mistress.  She is okay with it in the heat of the moment, but not in our everyday lives.  Fine with me!

She seemed to enjoy it because a minute later she asked me to repeat my orders.  I did.

She asked me why I was to keep fucking her.  Because she told me to.

Who was she?  “My Mistress.”

Nails down my back again.  I didn’t stop this time.  She smacked my ass hard.  I kept going.

Now we had an issue.  I could feel an orgasm bubbling to the surface.  I told her that I was getting close.

“No you aren’t.  Keep fucking me.  You better be able to hold it back.”

Wow!  Apparently that was all I needed because I was able to hold it back for a couple more minutes.  I was then told to get on my back.

She mounted me and before long her eyes were starting to roll.  I knew she was close.  I started getting close as well.  She could tell.

“You don’t cum like this.”  That was true.  It usually takes me a while to cum with her on top of me.  That wasn’t the case tonight though.  I was ready to explode.

“I won’t be cumming like this tonight either.”

She smiled.  “Open your mouth.”

I did and she started kissing me.  A second later she came.  She remarked that it snuck up on her.

Just like that it was over and I was told to go to sleep.  I slept like a baby.


Re-inventing Belle

January 23, 2011

As Jnuts noted in the previous blog, I am going to try to meet him half way in his desire to dabble in a D/S relationship.  Those of you who have read some of earlier blogs will understand why this is a difficult thing for me.  I struggle with the power that MC gives me, so being the Domme in our relationship is a huge step.    I used my Fetlife profile to establish a persona for Belle……

I am Belle, the alter ego of a very vanilla, white collar professional turned SAHM. She is uncomfortable addressing some of her husbands more kinky desires, and that is where I step in. She was struggling with his desire to be locked in chastity and denied. She felt bad telling him no and teasing then denying. I do not. I don’t have the hang ups of past relationships that messed with her head. He wants smacked around a little while wearing a dog collar? I am game. He wants pissed on while I shower? Sure, won’t hurt me at all. It will be about me when I want it to be, not when she thinks it should be. I am not into receiving pain, but I can and will dish it out. He always said he wanted her to be the bitch she was at work in the bedroom. Well I am here now. Let’s hope he realized what he was wishing for.

Jnuts has not met Belle yet, but he has received several messages from her, and will be meeting her soon.





Very Thankful for lastnight!

November 25, 2010

Where to start?  Probably the best place would be the 50% off promo email I got from Ambiance.  I sent it to Belle, and got very excited.  Things that are somewhat appealing become very appealing at 50% off!  Browsing the site got me in a bit of a mood.  🙂

I sent Belle a text asking her if we could fuck that night.  It had been about 2 weeks since I had been inside her and I was getting very antsy.  She told me that we probably could.  🙂

I get home from work and it is business as usual.  Belle is still feeling crappy due to her BC induced period.  Despite what she had said earlier, I figured tonight would be a straight to sleep night.  That is ok.  It is a keyholder’s prerogative right?

When we went to bed, her had went for my cock.  Sweet!  I was going to get some after all.

She asked me what was at the top of my list of things she could get at Ambiance.  I honestly didn’t know.  I want so much!  I did confess that when she had been pregnant with our youngest, and while we were abstaining afterwords, I had really wanted a Fleshlight.  She was quite irritated that I never said anything.  Sorry, but we weren’t as open about things back then.  I told her that I had seen videos of women using them on guys and it really turned me on.  This could also be very cool for denial.  Having a Fleshlight and being locked up and not able to use it would be hell.  Not being able to use my hand is bad enough.

By then her had was going to town on me.  She asked me what I was craving right then.  I told her either her mouth or her pussy.  I was very excited!

“Well you aren’t getting either of those tonight.”

I was shocked.  Hearing this was excruciating…in an awesome way. So now what?  If I can’t have either of those, I need to at least get something right?  I really wanted to make her cum.  It had been so long since I was allowed to touch her because of her bleeding and cramping.  I asked her if I could go down on her.

“No.  I really want it but I’m still bleeding.”

By this point I didn’t care.  I wanted her so fucking bad!  To be totally honest, the fact that I had never eaten a woman out when she was on her period kinda excited me even more.

I convinced her.  The next thing I knew I was kissing her pussy like I never had before.  God I wanted it so bad!  Now it was mine!  I wanted something else.  Something she rarely let me do but loved it when I did.  I slowly wet my finger and slipped it inside her, going right for her g-spot.

She moaned.  I’m golden!  I continued to lick her clit as I fingered her hot, wet, heavenly pussy.  God I wanted to put something else in there.

“Is your cock jealous?”

How did she know?


“You aren’t allowed.”

I continued to finger-fuck her.  Beggers can’t be choosers, and I was enjoying this immensely.

“What aren’t you allowed to do?”


“Why not?”

“Because you said I can’t.”

“And I control your orgasms?”


“I want that cock inside of me.  But you can’t cum.  You better not cum, you understand me?”


I got between her legs.  She informed me that she doesn’t not know how long this is going to be allowed.  It may only be one thrust.  She gave me the ok.  I entered her.  Oh my God!


I thrust inside her again.

“Again. Keep going until I tell you to stop. I can’t wait to fuck you.”

“You are fucking me.”

“Not the kind of fucking I mean.  I want to pound that ass.  I want to get behind you while you are locked up and make you scream.  I’m going to treat you like the slave you want to be.”

Holy shit.  Where did this come from?  I don’t care, I like it!

“Will you fuck my throat?”

“You better believe it!”

By that point, I couldn’t hold on anymore.  I asked if I could stop for a minute, but she said no.  She came.  I almost did.  I thought I went over the edge, but I didn’t.


She rolled over and we talked a little bit before going to sleep.  The highlight of that was her expressing her desire to put me in a humbler and fuck my ass.  Good times.


Cage increases frustration. Who knew?

November 15, 2010

Belle has had a rough few days. Raising two kids so close together is not easy. This is one of the reasons we are playing with chastity. There isn’t always much time to play. Aside from Friday, there hasn’t really been much play during this session (currently 11 days). Belle has been spotting so that doesn’t help.

The lack of play is ok. I totally understand it and the point of our version of MC is to play only when she wants it. Mission accomplished right? What I am having trouble with is less attention. I’m not feeling the constant high because I’m not being pushed. I knew that things would wane a bit, but not this much. I can tell myself that it is all part of the plan but I know it isn’t.

Being locked up makes it worse. I tried explaining it to Belle last night but I don’t think I did a good job. It is like my cock is in prison and is going crazy without visitors. It is lonely in there.

Now it has only been 36 hours but it is difficult to ease into this when the first two nights in it have gone with minimal play. Last night I was shaved, but back in the cage and was not touched since. I was going to give her oral last night but she decided later she wasn’t in the mood. Totally fine! I was hoping she would at least hold my cage until we fell asleep but she didn’t touch it at all.

I’m sure I’m reading too much into this, but I guess it is normal when trying to get used to your genitals being in solitary confinement. I just hope when Belle is feeling better I get some more teasing. Especially throughout the day. She is so good at getting me worked up when we are apart.

Aside from this, I’m really liking it so far. I wanted a mindfuck and thats what I’m getting.