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An early Christmas present

December 14, 2011

So, what do you get the man who has everything? Well everything except the power to control his own orgasms that is. A break from male chastity until the day after Christmas. Yep, he has 11 days all to himself. I have put the device away, and it will not return until Dec 26. He is free to initiate sex, although I may not always say yes, and free to masturbate at will. He can cum as many times as his little heart (or cock) desires with no fear of repercussion. Read the rest of this entry ?


Not so crazy after all….

November 17, 2011

Well, in terms of the drop off I feel after an extreme play session that is. I recently read Jay Wiseman’s “SM 101” book for our review site. 90% of the book was not for me, it dealt with others in the SM community who were looking to enter into it with no set partner. However one thing did jump out at me and make me reread a section, what he referred to as “Top Drop.” This is term was used to define the feeling that the Top, or Domme, feels the day or two after a session.

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A woman’s prerogative

September 7, 2011

We have all heard the saying “it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind”. That is exactly what I did.

If you are a follower of our blog, you will know that about 2 weeks ago I proposed the idea of a dice game to Jnuts. It was very indepth, and involved several steps and the possibility of a very long lock-up. He seemed very excited about the idea, and was eager to roll the dice to start the cycle. I was excited because he was excited. I thought I was ready for the control to be taken away from me, as in the past I have had issues with deciding when was “time” to unlock. Jnuts would ask due to extreme horniness, and I felt bad saying no, so I would go along with it. This often led to regret on his part, as he was “topping from the bottom”. Enter the dice game. Seemed a win-win for us at this stage. Read the rest of this entry ?


Hard time

January 19, 2011

Almost 11 days since orgasm. 6 days since I have been unlocked( had a doctors appointment). The longest I’ve been locked is 7 days without removal. This was due to some rubbing issues. Now that those are worked out, I have told Belle that I feel I need to do some hard time. She agreed. I’m assuming her period has started. She hasn’t told me and I have not been permitted any contact with her pussy so I can’t be certain. I definitely know I won’t be unlocked until her period is over.

I have been getting some almost nightly rubbing and I am very thankful for that. It seems that starting this cycle several days prior to knowing I was starting the cycle certainly jumpstarted my horniness! I have been going nuts my entire lockup. Not being allowed to ask for any contact with her pussy has been torture as well.

When I told Belle my desire to be locked up for a while, she told me that she is glad I told her, now she won’t feel bad. I really hope this is something she can overcome because if she is constantly feeling bad for locking me up, this can’t be fun for her at all. Every time I get a pinch or have to readjust, she immediately asks if I need to take it off. While her concern for my wellbeing is much appreciated, if it were bad enough to where I needed to remove it, I would tell her. I can deal with a little discomfort. It serves as a reminder.

I have been reading quite a bit of literotica lately(partially to torture myself I guess) and in one story the guy in chastity hit the nail on the head. He said that he needed to respect his wife as a keyholder in order for this to work. This is why the firmness is required. If I know that anytime I start to feel a pinch, I can take it off, there is almost no point wearing it. I want to wear it because she wants me in it. Not for the hell of it. Belle does appear to be getting a little more comfortable in it and I know this is not the time of month to be jumping to any conclusions. Hoping maybe this post will be able to articulate what I have not been able to verbally.

So all in all, this cycle is a success so far. No idea how long until I cum again and I don’t think she has a clue either. My cum belongs to her so I guess it will be called upon when she has a desire for it. That is absolutely how I want it!



Pussy is a privilege…

January 15, 2011

…not a right.

Belle promised me some play time lastnight. This, of course, got me all fired up! When the time came however, it wasn’t to the extent I expected. That’s right…expected.

Belle had told me during a previous play session that I would be allowed inside her at some point this weeke d because her period would start soon. I thought last night would be the night. No such luck. I did ask if I could take care of her, knowing that would give me a bit of release. She said no. She was crampy.

We have transitioned to the point where pleasure for her is really for me. Anytime I’m allowed to touch, or taste, or even smell her pussy is absolute heaven. I find myself getting really bummed when I ask and I’m denied. It isn’t so much the denial, it is how it is done. Belle is not firm about it. She makes excuses.

We discussed this and we have a new method to try. I’m not allowed to touch her pussy or even so much as smell her without permission. I am not allowed to ask for permission. I no longer have any rights to my wife’s intimate areas.

If she is so inclined, she will let me play. What and how is up to her. This should stop the begging from me and the guilt for her.

I have a feeling I’m going to be getting more time with my hand in the future and less time with what I really want. If nothing else, this has me pretty worked up.



a real life break?

January 7, 2011

Real life has a way of really messing with your fun.  Jnuts and I had been having some issues, mostly focused around what I have begun referring to as the “chastity circle”.  I don’t play enough and keep him interested and worked up, he doesn’t help me out around the house more because he isn’t in the heightened state, therefore I don’t play, ect.  It is a tough one to break, but because we both were invested in MC and want to see it work for us, we decided we had to.

I have been against chastity contracts since we began investigating MC.  To me it makes it seem like our sex life is a business arrangement, but now I see the need to have needs and expectations in a written format.  I pledged to have at least 2 play sessions per week.  This may not seem like much to many of you, but given our lives it is going to take some work some weeks.  At this point that is the end of the agreement.  We both feel that this will break the cycle that we are currently in, and take us back to the point where we both saw the  benefits of MC.

That was last week…..Jnuts was locked and things appeared to be improving.  Then something very strange happened.  His step brother, whom we have very little contact with but is extremely close with his step dad and mom, was arrested and admitted to sexually abusing his 14 year old daughter multiple times.  The whole family is turned upside down, we are contacting people multiple times a day due to risk of hurting themselves over this, and we are all pretty  much in shock.  Last night when Jnuts came home from work, he asked to be unlocked.  He said he felt “dirty” wearing the device and anything having to do with sex.  I quickly agreed, because to be honest I felt the same way.  Pretty sad how someone who you are not close with yet tied to can change your personal life so much.  We are not sure when we will continue with MC, but we know that we will.



Catching up.

December 28, 2010

Haven’t really felt like blogging lately. Doesn’t mean nothing has been going on, just that I’ve been busy with the holidays and other hobbies.

So…lets catch up a bit.

It has been 13 days since my last orgasm. The pulling on my balls at night was unbearable and I was getting very fed up with my device. I took the advice of some of the forum members and expanded the gap. I did this myself with a wedge and hammer. I ended up with a hairline crack on the weld where the post meets the base ring, but the joint is still very strong. The gap is now perfect! Little if any pain with nocturnal erections and I feel like I could go a very long time without removal.

Speaking of pain. Almost overnight, I have become a pain whore. We have attributed it to lack of gym time with this bad weather, but I constantly want Belle to hurt me in bed. I have had her use her nails on my cock and balls as well as her teeth. It was unbearable before but now….the harder the better it appears. I’ll be going back to the gym starting tomorrow so it will be interesting to see if the pain cravings stick.

I got an amazing blow job two nights ago. Belle took off my device and gave me what I’ve been begging for for weeks! I didn’t get to have an orgasm of course but she did edge me within a matter of a minute or so. That was followed by some of the above mentioned teeth and nails. I was in absolute heaven. I couldn’t get the device back on to go to sleep so she let me keep it off that night and it went back on the next morning. Aside from that, I’ve had the device on for probably about a week straight.

I’ll try to blog more regularly and not be so damn lazy. Might be easier when the holidays are over.