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An early Christmas present

December 14, 2011

So, what do you get the man who has everything? Well everything except the power to control his own orgasms that is. A break from male chastity until the day after Christmas. Yep, he has 11 days all to himself. I have put the device away, and it will not return until Dec 26. He is free to initiate sex, although I may not always say yes, and free to masturbate at will. He can cum as many times as his little heart (or cock) desires with no fear of repercussion. Read the rest of this entry ?


Just a quickie.

September 14, 2011

Not much news here.

We got our first toy to review in the mail.  It is a stretchy dual ring cock ring.  That should be fun.  Never tried anything like that before.  If it functions like it should, it could be a very useful toy when Belle wants some and I’m not allowed to cum.

Apparently Belle had a little solo fun last night after I passed out.  I’m on the early shift and it has been kicking my ass.  I’m kicking myself in the ass now.  She said she thought about waking me up but I was out cold.  I would absolutely kill to be woken up in the middle of the night to service my keyholder.  Someday…  This is at least more evidence that I have my wife back.  Fuck BC pills.  Fuck them in the ass.

We went dress shopping for a wedding today.  After seeing her try on 15 dresses, I’m hella horny.  She said that she would make it up to me tonight.  🙂 Read the rest of this entry ?


Most frustrated ever…

August 21, 2011

This has been a different chastity session. In the past, I was occasionally unlocked and permitted to edge myself. I assumed this would be the case this time as well but it is not. I have been told that I will not be unlocked at least until the end of my 14 days. That added a whole new level of frustration.

The last session I reported was pretty much it aside from a minute or so of rubbing until last night. I had been told the night prior that Belle was tired, but we would probably play the next night. Needless to say, that is pretty much all I thought about all day.

So as Belle was getting ready for bed, I took the liberty of restraining myself (wrists only). This was not an easy task at all. It was also a bit of topping from the bottom, but Belle needs some guidance sometimes and has made that very clear.

So anyway, she comes in and after laughing a bit about my self restrain, she sat down next to me on the bed and started gently stroking my balls. I was in heaven. She didn’t seem too sure of what she wanted to do, and often gets a little stumped (especially when she is on these damn BC pills….only 2 more weeks!) I gave her a couple of scenarios to let her know what would especially drive me crazy. She trumped them all.

Without a word, she straddled my device so all I could see was her ass…still covered in her panties. She gently started rubbing herself against my (fully filled by this point) cage and my balls. As she picked up speed and started rubbing harder, there was some pain as my balls were being pulled by the base ring, but the torturous pleasure of it all far outweighed it.

I couldn’t see anything but that gorgeous ass rocking back and forth. Could only hear the faint sound of her moaning. All at once, she asked me if I was ready. Hell yes I was! She pressed down firmly on my cage and with a couple of swift movements, she came.

After a second or two, she dismounted me. She kissed my cage, uncuffed me, and told me goodnight.

Holy shit. I was sooooo frustrated it wasn’t funny. She totally just used me to get off. I didn’t even get to do the honors with my mouth. The lack of real participation caused my hornyness to go through the roof. I have always wanted to watch her masturbate herself to an orgasm but she had never let me. Well, I had just had a very obstructed view of her getting off on my captive cock and I needed more.

I was stunned. She went to the bathroom and when she came back, I asked if I could smell her. She obliged and for a few seconds, I found myself enthralled in the scent of her recently spent pussy. Until she told me that I had had enough and told me to go to sleep.

I laid there frustrated for several minutes. I eventually asked if I was allowed to touch myself through my cage. I had never been frustrated enough to try this but I was desperate. She laughed and told me she didn’t care. She warned me that it wasn’t going to get me anywhere and it would only make it worse. She was right. A couple of minutes of fondling my balls and trying to reach the right spots through my cage and I was dying for just a couple of solid strokes.

I asked if she would unlock me so I could edge myself. In the past, she would have told me to go get the key. Not this time. Instead, she asked me if it had been 14 days yet. I responded in the negative and that was that.

Have I told you lately how awesome my wife is? She is definitely getting this keyholder thing down and I imagine, she is only going to get more firm as time goes by and she gains more confidence in her role. As soon as this BC is out of her system, I may find that I have created a monster.



Hiatus ends

May 27, 2011

I got a text yesterday saying that since she isn’t able to have sex for two weeks (doctor’s orders), I needed to go back in my device. To be honest, I didn’t even know where it was.

Life had gotten in the way again. Our sex life was at a stand still and masturbation had gotten quite stale as well. So this text came out of the blue. I was allowed to “clear the pipes” one last time before locking up. Now here I sit…in my cage. Kinda wish I hadn’t cum yesterday. Forgot about this momentum building thing.

On top of all of this, Belle decided to tell members of another social group she is involved in about our blog. Way to out us dear. 😉 Oh well. Hello ladies.

So…we will see how things go this time. Can’t hurt.


A Brief Taste of Freedom

December 16, 2010

Belle’s wedding band and engagement ring haven’t fit for 2 years.  We had 2 children back to back, and her knuckles expanded to the point where she couldn’t get them on.  This has really bugged her.  I really didn’t comprehend how much exactly.

As an early Christmas present, I took them and got them resized for her.  I picked them up yesterday and gave them to her when I got home from work.

Belle had to get up fairly early this morning to watch her Grandmother.  The kids were not wanting to go to sleep so I was fairly certain there would be, at most minimal, but most likely no play last night.  So when Belle complained that she was getting a lot of dry skin, I jumped at the chance to rub some lotion on her.  I asked her where, and she told me her whole body.  This excited the hell out of me and I was already filling my cage.  I knew this was going to be a painful and torturous event, but it was worth it.  I had her take off her shirt and I rubbed her down.  I’m not sure what was the most difficult, her breasts or her thighs.  At one point, I couldn’t contain myself anymore and I kissed her passionately for a moment.  I then apologized and went back to work.  She could tell I was beside myself.  She asked me what category this would fall into…referring to Dev’s forum post here.

I thought for a moment and told her that depends. Was she going to cum?

“I don’t think so.”

You don’t think so? I saw my opening.

“No I’m not.”

“Are you going to let me lick you some anyway? Please?”

“Ok, but only for a minute.”

I took of her panties and assumed one of my favorite, if not my favorite positions. I started by gently kissing her labia like I always do. Belle likes me to eat her a certain way. Not so much tongue, especially at first, and very little contact with her clit. She likes me to kiss her pussy. I do it slow and sensual, just as if I were kissing her other lips. One kiss was all it took.

“Maybe I will be cumming tonight.”

I continued what I was doing. Going very slow. We talked to each other a bit during this time. About chastity, and such. I wanted to drag this out as much as possible because as I told her, I was in heaven. I wanted her to see how good this can be and that I don’t need anything for myself. It is all about her. I told her to relax and enjoy it for as long as she wanted. She told me she would.

She then told me she wanted me to rub my cage against her. We had not done this previously and she wanted to see how it felt. I got up on my knees like I was about to enter her, but being locked as I was, all I could do was gently rub my cage against her pussy. Slowly stroking up and down over then length of her lips and against her clit. She really seemed to enjoy this and after a minute or so, she grabbed my cage and took over.

We didn’t have to worry about lube, I was providing plenty by that point. I told her how perfect she was and how I couldn’t wait to fuck her. She told me it would be soon.

Out of nowhere she told me to go get the key. I bolted out of bed to retrieve it. No outside stimulation for 10 days, fuck yes I was ready! Of course, after I was unlocked I couldn’t get the ring off. I was way to hard. I gave it a minute and through sheer willpower, I deflated enough to painfully push myself through.

I got back into bed.

“I don’t need to tell you what to do.”

She grabbed my cock and guided me inside of her. OH MY GOD! This was the tightest, most delicious experience I had ever had. Every nerve ending on my cock was in high gear. I fucked her slowly and held her close. I told Belle how wonderful she was and that she had become an awesome keyholder. I told her to guide me, to which she replied:

“You are going to cum tonight.”

Fuck! You don’t have to tell me twice. We continued to fuck slowly, kissing, and talking about what was happening. The next thing I knew, her orgasm was upon us. At that point, I could see the sexual tension drain from her. I stayed inside her, but offered her the following.

“It isn’t too late to change your mind.”

“That would be so cruel, I couldn’t do that.”

“Is it cruel to give me what I want?”

“Is that truly what you want?”

I buried my head in her chest searching for an answer.

“Right now? No.”

“Good, because I want you to cum tonight. You will be locked back up tomorrow. You will have one orgasm tonight and another in the morning.”

That settled it. I came like I have never cum before. It felt like there was so much of it and Belle later confirmed this.

As we lie in bed after, we discussed chastity and how it was going so far. We both agreed that this cycle was amazing. She said that it was going to last longer, but she wanted to make me cum tonight so she did. She did tell me not to expect that every time I was let out, which I don’t. The rings put her over the top. This led to a discussion about punishment and reward. She had been adamant that we would not be going in that direction but it appears inevitable. Not necessarily in the way that most people seem to play with it. I don’t want to do things in order to get sex. I want to do things to please my wife. She also doesn’t want to get mad at me for something and systematically add days to my chastity. However, it is almost impossible for her to not reward me for making her happy and punish me if I piss her off. That kind of action I’m sure is in any relationship and was in ours well before chastity.

We also determined that chastity is becoming a bit of a slippery slope(to borrow a term) for us. As long as we aren’t doing anything that makes either of us uncomfortable, we are fine with that.

Finally, she did tell me that she definitely sees the double edged sword of chastity. She really wanted me to cum but did not want my attitude of the past 10 days to end. I assured her that I would try my best to stay the way I was. I told her locking me back up so soon should help.


So here I am. Typing a blog. With another motive. I’m also charging my dead laptop battery and when I’m done I’m going to go edge myself until I die. With permission of course. Belle forgot she had to leave early this morning. So my second orgasm did not happen. As a compromise, I am permitted to stay out of my cage until after my shower. I’m also permitted to masturbate as long as I don’t cum. And masturbate I shall. I’ll most likely be reading stories of denial and imagining Belle and I as the characters. I’ll also be thinking of my latest fantasy that Belle apparently didn’t realize was a fantasy for me…golden showers.

Wish me luck.



To CB or not to CB…

December 9, 2010

Ok, so I got locked back up yesterday after a couple days off between cycles.  I wanted to masturbate this morning so fucking bad!  No reason really, probably just because I couldn’t.

Aside from the release on Saturday, the only orgasm I had was on Sunday.  This one was with the Fleshlight.  Now, all you guys that are in chastity know about the second orgasm.  At least in my experience it is much more pleasurable than the first.  This was totally the case this time.  Couple that with the fact that I was in a Fleshlight and not my hand, and you have physical pleasure gold.  Yeah, it was good.  Physically.

Emotionally, not so much.  Belle wasn’t into it at all.  She later said that she was in a mood.  I could tell at the time and it really killed things.  We shouldn’t have done it if she felt like that, but she is in charge and she gave the ok, so I wasn’t going to turn it down.

I’m really hoping this cycle is better.  If it isn’t there is going to have to be some restructuring to make me want to continue doing this.  Belle has said we are starting over, and I do have faith in that, so fingers are crossed.

Thus far, she hasn’t even acknowledged the fact that I’m back in the device which is a bit discouraging.  Oh well.




Razor burn, ruined orgasms, and shot glasses make for an interesting night.

November 17, 2010

When I got home last night around 7:30 pm, I asked Belle to take the device off of me.  I had been dealing with horrible razor burn for 2 days and I’m sure I could have handled the discomfort if I had to, what was the point?  She took off the device and that provided some relief.

After doing some cleaning, I decided to take advantage of the device being off and take a shower so I could properly clean things up and apply some lotion to hopefully help with the itching and burning.

After the kids settled and we put them to bed, I was fully expecting to be locked back up.  Belle was in the bathroom getting ready for bed and I put the base ring in place so I would be ready for her to lock me up.  We went to bed and her hand went for my cock.  She told me she was going to extend my relief overnight.  The device has not bothered me while sleeping at all but the ring rubbing on the razor burn sucks so bad.  Needless to say, I was happy to not have to wear it.

With my cock naked for the first time in 3 nights, Belle decided to play a bit.  As she played, we discussed how things had toned down.  We have decided to attribute most of it to her new BC pill and her period that has lasted for the past week and a half.  That does explain a lot.  She said that she has absolutely no sexual desire right now.  I’m really glad this a hormonal thing and wasn’t something I did.  I should have known better.  I guess I have some hormonal issues currently too however so  I’ll use that as an excuse.

Belle asked me if I wanted to edge myself.  Of course I did!

It took virtually no time at all.  While I was stroking, I asked Belle if I was going to have a ruined orgasm between now and the 4th.  She told me maybe.  I asked her if she would make me swallow my cum from that ruined orgasm.  She said yes.  New fixation.  I may have applied some pressure at this point in the form of, “Are you sure you don’t want to do it now?”  Instead of just caving, Belle made this interesting.  She gave me a choice.  I could either do it in a couple of days which would ensure me being released from the Jailbird again, or I could do it tonight.  If I did it tonight, she did not know when I would be released from the device again and it may be a while.

Normally this would have been a tough decision.  I was really pumped for the ruined orgasm, actually the aftermath, to fully think it through so that is what I chose.

I went and got a shot glass from the cupboard.  I then took a minute to stroke myself to the edge.  When I though I was over the edge, she placed the shot glass at the head of my cock and I let go.  One spurt of what looked to be precum dripped out.  That wasn’t it.

I tried a couple more times.  Ruined orgasms are so tricky when you are being denied.  You become very scared that things will go to far.  This time, I wasn’t sure whether or not I had.  After several failed attempts, I decided to go farther.  As I did the last time, I got my half second of an orgasm and then let go.  Unlike last time, I did feel something.  It was very strange.  I could feel the orgasm but it was almost like it was somewhere far off in the distance.  I had an almost uncontrollable urge to keep stroking which I didn’t.  I was bucking my hips a bit and fucking air.  It was almost like I was being robbed of that feeling that I knew was happening somewhere….somewhere that wasn’t in my cock.  Damnit!

At the time, I was afraid that I had had an orgasm.  Belle was too.  She was now lying there with a shot glass a third of the way full of my cum and didn’t seem to know what to do with it.

“You still want this?”

For a second I didn’t know.  Then I realized, if I didn’t  know, that means I wasn’t repulsed.  If I wasn’t repulsed, that means I didn’t have an orgasm.  If I didn’t have an orgasm then hell yes I want it.

She poured the contents of the glass in my mouth.  For a second, I got that wtf feeling.  Then my thoughts switched to all the times Belle had swallowed for me.  I swallowed.  It was a lot thicker this time than when I had done it the other time.  It didn’t go down easy.

I got up and cleaned up.

When I got back in bed I was still a little concerned that things had gone too far.  I asked Belle to try to get me hard again.  I was hard within a minute.  Ok, we were good.