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Milking does a body good…

October 24, 2011

What a weekend! We went away on Saturday and came home last night. Since we knew we would be taking part in activities that weren’t quite device friendly, Belle took it off. It is actually still off. Honor system is in effect so no worries there. It feels wierd not wearing the cage. For the first day or so, I felt like I had no penis. I have gotten used to it weighing quite a bit more and without the Jailbird on, it just feels gone. Until I get hard that is. It is an amazing feeling to be able to get a full erection. Something easily taken for granted.
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Sinking in

August 16, 2011

Yesterday I was totally content. Last night, it started getting difficult already. I’m conditioned to cum as I please and I’m afraid it is going to take some time to break that. Shouldn’t be too long though since I have no choice when I’m in a cage. I can feel the pressure building up already and there is no release anywhere in sight.

I’m finding that I’m already having uncontrollable lustful thoughts and insane cravings for oral sex. Not for myself, but for my lover. I want to taste her soooo bad! not just taste her though. I want to make her body shake.

No end in sight. For my sanity, I hope she wears me out often.