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Stunt Cock?

December 11, 2010

Less than a week in and I’m going absolutely crazy.

We took another trip to Ambiance last night.  We got another 50% off coupon and I was determined that we needed something for her.  She doesn’t like vibrators and mentioned that she might want a dildo.  Perfect!  We went back and forth as to who would be going to pick one out.  We couldn’t both go because of the kids.  Either way was fine with me.  It was either me going in to pick out the cock that would be replacing me while I was locked up, or my wife going in to find something to pleasure herself with while I was unavailable.  A “stunt cock” if you will.  Each scenario had a different appeal.  She ended up going in to pick one.

Now as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit on the small side.  I knew there was no way she would be picking a dildo that wasn’t larger than me.  They don’t make them (at least not ones that are available locally….you can find anything online).

She came back out, got in the car and handed me the bag.  She said she picked the smallest one.  It was huge.  6.5″ long.  Almost 2″ longer than myself.  It is a weird feeling coming to terms with the fact that your wife is going to be stuffing herself with something that may give her more pleasure than you can while you are helplessly wrapped in a piece of steel.  As long as it isn’t a real cock, I’ll be fine.  It will be torture watching her orgasm with it.  A realistic looking cock pumping in and out of her, glistening, while she bucks her hips in pleasure.  A couple of months ago, it would have been me doing the job.  My new job is to be patient and appreciative when it is my turn.

She wasn’t up for it last night.  That was unfortunate because I was.  At least as “up for it” as I could be locked in my jailbird.  She did say that she was starting to feel a bit self conscious about it.  I told her she could use it alone before she uses it with me present if it would make her feel better.  After all, it is my masturbation that is under watch, not hers.  She is free to do what she wants.

She did rub me through my cage for a while.  Ah the wonderful agony.  She has no release date in mind.  How am I going to make it?

I woke up 3 times last night with an erection.  The first was the worst.  I went to the bathroom and for some reason,  peeing didn’t help this time.  It just wouldn’t go away.  Not cool.  It did go away after about 20 minutes.

I also did my best to wake up with the girls whenever I heard them.  I’m on evenings next week so it will be easier for me to help Belle throughout the night.  She is sleeping right now in fact.  I brought the girls out in the living room so she can catch up a bit.

Our last cycle was not Belle’s fault.  Neither of us held up our end of the bargain.  Thus far, this cycle, I think we are both doing pretty good.

I’m not usually this horny this early.  I don’t know how long I can go.  The device does add some intensity to it.  I just wish it didn’t feel like it was going to rip my balls off every time I got hard.  We will be ordering a new device when tax time comes.  It will most likely be a Watchful Mistress and will be quite a bit smaller.  We are going with the “stop the erection before it starts” method.