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Not quite Vanilla…

November 13, 2010

Last night started out quite shitty.  I had my laptop hooked to the tv and we were watching Sex in the City 2.  I was just dozing off when Belle asked what happened to the movie.  I looked up at the screen and it had frozen.  Odd…  I went over and tried to get it going again and it was completely unresponsive.  It turns out my hard drive crashed.  That came out of nowhere. 

Now none of you know me personally so I must stress that I live on the internet.  Now luckily, we do have 3 other computers in the house, but my laptop was my primary one (if you don’t count my iPhone which I seem to use more than anything).  I was pissed.  It was one of those moods where it was nobody’s fault, and there was nothing I could do about it,  so there was really no way to even blow off steam.  I ordered  a new hard drive and we watched a different movie(I have decided that being unable to watch the rest of Sex in the City 2 was the silver lining). 

I already knew, due to some comments throughout the evening, that there would be some play time tonight.  We hadn’t really done anything since I believe Monday.  I have been sleeping like the dead for some reason and I’ve been out by the time Belle has gotten to bed. 

When we went to bed, she curled up next to me and started rubbing me.  My bad mood had put me in a weird state.  I needed a way to alleviate the frustration I was feeling.  I was craving pain.  I told Belle this. 

Now typically, I’m not really into pain.  Every once in a while I do want a little, but it is more sensory play than pain play.  When I do crave pain, it usually isn’t about the pain itself, it is about the loss of control (do we see a pattern yet?).  This time was different.  Yes, I wanted loss of control, but I also wanted the pain.  I had adrenaline that needed to escape. 

We hadn’t really played with any of our toys in a really long time with the exception of our pinwheel.  Belle led me to the livingroom with our entire bag-o-sex in her hand.  Hmmmmm…..

She bound my hands with a length of clothesline and had me lie on my back on the floor.  She got our riding crop and started tracing circles around my erect and dripping cock.  We had never really played with the riding crop much and I was not really expecting much time with it.  I was wrong. 


Kneeling above me with my hands tied above my head, she whipped my chest and my thighs until my whole body was warm.  She then told me to get on my hands and knees.  This was totally new.  She got behind me and continued on my ass.  I looked down and saw a long stream of fluid reaching all the way to the floor, creating a small puddle.  She began to stroke me a bit. 

She then pulled the small dildo out of our bag that belongs with our strapon.  She lubed it up a bit and rubbed some lube on my ass.  She also got out our ball gag that we had purchased a couple years ago and used once.  It was put securely in place.  We had not done any ass play for a while either, and now I was dripping again.  Belle slowly inserted the dildo inside of me and proceeded to fuck me with it.  It felt amazing!  After a minute or so, the riding crop was brought back into play.  The combination of the pleasure of the dildo hitting my prostate and the sting of the crop on my ass was sensory overload. 

I was then ordered to lie down on my back again.  Belle lubed up one of my favorite toys….anal beads.  She wasted no time jamming them up my ass.  She was rough and quick about it.  It very much added to the excitement.  She straddled me, still wearing her shirt and panties.  I felt her wet pussy grind against my cock through her panties.  She brought her face up to mine.

“If I fuck you, do you promise not to cum.”

Still gagged, I nodded my head. 

“Good, because you are not allowed to cum.  Only I am allowed to cum.”

She pulled her panties to the side and slid that amazing pussy all the way down the length of her toy.  FUCK!  After a minute of riding, she stopped.  She dismounted me, took of the rest of her clothes and grabbed the riding crop.  She immediately resumed what she had been doing.  The fucking combined with the sting of the crop was electrifying!  All the while, she would bring her face close to mine and taunt me.  Affirming her position, and making sure I agree.  She looked amazing naked weilding that crop!

I had never seen my wife like this.  She has humored me at times in the past, but I could always tell that’s what it was, humoring me.  This was not the same.  She was getting into this.  This was awesome.  This was my Keyholder. 

She took the gag off of me to taunt me some more.  Now I could answer her questions.  It wasn’t long before she came.  It wasn’t one of those explosive orgasms from what I could tell, but it made me envious.  She collapsed on me. 

She asked how I wanted to edge.  With as much stimulation as I had received, I knew my hand was going to be the safest bet.  She gave me some lube and I went to town.  As I stroked myself, she softly rubbed my thighs and my balls.  It took me quite a while because I was being extra cautious.  Edging is always scary the first time because the orgasmic feeling sneaks up on you and you have to be careful not to go too far.  I did eventually get there, and my cock pulsed, being unallowed to release. 

I was then allowed a second go at it.  This time was much more pleasurable and much easier.  I rode the edge for several minutes.  When Belle felt that I had had enough, she gently pulled my hand away from my cock and gave me a couple of final strokes. 

“Lets go to bed.”