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Cuckolding = Voyeurism?

November 9, 2010

I was going to detail last night’s sexual escapades, but that can wait. Perhaps Belle will write about them later. Let me just say that it was awesome. I love being woke up for sex!

Anyway, I was thinking this morning, and that always leads to trouble. As Belle and I were making love last night, I started thnking about how awesome it would be to be able to see this from another perspective. To watch her being fucked and having an orgasm without feeling ready to explode myself. Now I have joked before about never participating in cuckolding unless someone figures out how to clone me and we can kill him afterwards. Not only do I have no desire to see my wife have sex with another man, it would psychologically destroy me and destroy our awesome relationship. Even if cuckolding were a desire I had, I would not allow us to cross that line, even in my horniest state. I did have a revelation last night however, and I think this might be some of the appeal. Now someone who participates in cuckolding, or even someone who is familiar with this fantasy can most certainly tell me I’m wrong, but does this desire come from wanting to see your woman get pleasured with little or no involement from yourself? Do you really want to see her get fucked by another man or do you just want to be able to watch from a different perspective, with your needs totally being ignored.

Now when I felt this desire last night, it was not in the form of cuckolding. I really was wishing we had a strap-on that I could use on her. This is rapidly becoming one of my top fantasies. I want to be locked in my cage while fucking Belle like an animal, getting no pleasure myself, and physically feeling nothing but frustration and a bulging cock wrapped in metal. I’m interested in knowing which would be more overpowering, the frustration of not feeling the pussy that is getting fucked, or the joy of being able to concentrate totally on my wife.

Perhaps it is just more connected to voyeurism than I thought. I do get some of this pleasure by eating Belle out and a little more by fingering her. We don’t own any dildos and she doesn’t like vibrators. I also think that this urge would be satisfied by watching her masturbate. This is something she doesn’t like to do around me and admits that she really doesn’t like to do at all. I guess you will have that when your husband is a sexual fiend.

I’m not really sure what all of this means. I want to watch my wife being pleasured while being denied it myself. Oh well, whatever it means, I guess I’m in the right hobby.

Edit: I went back and read this post after I published it and I realise what a mess it is. Sorry about that. The iPhone is partially to blame, my scatter brain is probably more responsible. To kind of sum things up, Cuckoldry(I think that is the proper term) is not my kink. I see nothing wrong with it however, and if that is your thing, more power to you. My night was full of thoughts of strap-on sex and this morning I started realizing that is essentially fucking a woman with a cock that isn’t your own. That is how I started to correlate the two. Perhaps I am wrong and the motivation for cuckoldry is different. That is basically what I was curious about.