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The woman of my non-existent dreams…

November 8, 2011

So, why can’t I fantasize about Taylor Swift?

My brain gets in the way. I am a very logical thinker. I over-plan everything. Because of this, I can’t fantasize about something that isn’t thought out and feasible. This is most likely why most of my fantasies lately have consisted of being forced to either watch my wife with someone else (always women…I do tend to get jealous so cuckolding is never going to be in the cards…sorry folks) or myself being forced to be a slave and pleasuring my wife’s friends on her command. Neither of these scenarios are likely to happen, but they are feasible and could possibly happen. So why not Taylor?

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Blatant theft

October 20, 2011

Had a great edging session last night and I will talk about that later. First I wanted to write about something I read on The Naked Husband this morning. He wrote about a list of sexual obsessions that he has. I identified with this post and would like to steal the topic.

Golden Showers:
I have blogged about this before and it is something Belle has promised to do to me someday. Thus far it has not happened. I really don’t know why I want it so bad but I have found that is often the case with my obsessions. I’m sure a lot of it is the loss of control. For the most part I don’t crave being degraded but I suppose this is an exception. The onpy other example I can think of is I like when Belle spits on me or spits in my mouth.
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Teasing…Its not just a city in Uruguay!

September 20, 2011

I was doing a little reading last night and I came across a blog post on Keyheld that I felt was very worthy of praise. This particular blog by Mistress Ivey is all about teasing.

The basic premise of the post is that teasing is very important and that it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take his device off.  From what I have read, a lot of Keyholders either don’t seem to realize, or simply forget that teasing doesn’t have to be physical.  It really doesn’t have to involve much work at all on their end.  His dick is in a cage.  He is by default constantly thinking about it.  All you have to do is remind him every now and then that you are aware of the situation.  Read the rest of this entry ?