Nuts4Belle no more…

June 29, 2012

Belle and I will no longer be using this blog.  That is not to say that we won’t be blogging.  We will be combining our blogs.

For more details, please see my post here.

I will leave this blog up for a few days.  The posts have already been migrated to Nuts4Toys.

Thank you to all our loyal readers!  Hope to see you over there!



A peak in Belle’s head

March 19, 2012

I was interviewed over at Tales from a Domme for anyone interested.  Last year she did a series of interviews of sub-men.  Her focus is now on varying aspects of dominant women.



I am an ass when I cum.

March 11, 2012

We all practice chastity a little (or  a lot) different.  That is one of the wonderful things about chastity, you mold it and take from it what works best for you.   I know this, I embrace this, yet from time to time I still let comments and ideas of other people get under my skin.    That was the case this weekend, and it isn’t something that my obsessive brain is letting go anytime soon. Read the rest of this entry »


I miss masturbating.

February 25, 2012

I’m not physically locked up right now but I am on the honor system.  I was allowed to have an orgasm about a week ago.

Things have been pretty hectic.  Nothing major, just life.  I’m on the early shift and as usual, the children are not.  They don’t go to be until 1am and this means no alone time for Belle and myself.  If I do ask for some attention, I feel like I am bothering her.  I shouldn’t be topping from the bottom, but she is so exhausted all the time that she is never really in the mood anymore.  Read the rest of this entry »


A quick note

February 21, 2012

Just wanted to stop in and say that everything is going, well normal.   As normal as it ever goes for us that is.   Jnuts is crazy busy at work, which leaves little time for random text messages and the such.  I know he is in some pretty important meetings, and don’t want to distract him with his phone going off.   (He has to keep it with him.)  Life with 2 toddlers takes over when he does get home, but we are plugging along.   He had a pretty intense ruined orgasm over the weekend, but I could not do it justice so I will let him tell the story if he gets a chance.      He is now unlocked again after wearing it all last week, but I may lock him back up in a few days.   Unlocked, not free to orgasm.  In our household those are 2 totally different things.



Been about a week.

February 15, 2012

I’ve been locked up for about a week. I was let out on Saturday due to necessity and I was allowed a ruined Hitachi orgasm on Sunday, but other than that…

I’m getting horny again. Being unlocked for so long, I was definitely getting burned out being on the O-train. I can see much more clearly now how sex becomes monotonous for men when the get to cum whenever they want, and I have a suspicion that is also the problem with a lot of women who have sex drives on the decline. You don’t crave what you can get at the snap of your fingers.
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Missing Chastity

February 6, 2012

Missing Chastity.  Never thought I would be the one saying that.   Things have taken a different focus at the Jnuts/Belle household the last few months, and I am not sure how I feel about it.  We have been focusing on toy reviews, which has actually been a ton of fun for me.  Writing the reviews and organzing the other reviewers and their posts have given me something to focus on other than being Mommy to 2 very busy and messy toddlers.  Jnuts has been having at least an orgasm a week, mostly because of a toy that needs reviewed.   He always asks if he allowed, but it isn’t the same.  He also isn’t locked. Read the rest of this entry »